1st Edition

Ecosustainable Polymer Nanomaterials for Food Packaging Innovative Solutions, Characterization Needs, Safety and Environmental Issues

Edited By Clara Silvestre, Sossio Cimmino Copyright 2013
    404 Pages 4 Color & 150 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    406 Pages 4 Color & 150 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Polymer nanotechnology offers exciting benefits to the food industry, including better materials for food packaging and safer foods on supermarket shelves with lower incidences of contamination. Ecosustainable Polymer Nanomaterials for Food Packaging: Innovative Solutions, Characterization Needs, Safety and Environmental Issues examines the complete life cycle of packaging based on polymer nanomaterials.

    Focusing on current developments in nanomaterial packaging applications most likely to be accepted by consumers and attract regulatory attention in the immediate future, the book begins with a general introduction to current issues and future trends. The remaining chapters explore:

    • The concept of "ethical design"—putting into practice key ideas such as the precautionary principle and presenting a model for accountability, responsibility, and ethical consideration
    • The evolution of the rheology, structure, and morphology of nanomaterials with regard to processing conditions and constituents
    • The application of plasma technologies for the production of barrier coatings on polymeric materials by nonequilibrium gas discharges
    • Nanomaterials for food packaging developed from oil polymers (polyolefins) and from renewable resource polymers
    • The use of cellulose nanowhiskers for food biopackaging and edible nano-laminate coatings
    • The interactions of nanomaterials with food
    • Examples of degradation under natural weathering, exposure, and recycling

    The book concludes with a discussion on the use of polymer nanocomposite materials for food packaging applications. From raw material selection to properties characterization to marketing and disposal, the expert contributors consider the balance between cost and performance, risk and benefit, and health and environmental issues. They also identify barriers to progress that prevent a complete successful development of the new technology and recommend strategies for further advancement.

    Polymer Nanomaterials for Food Packaging: Current Issues and Future Trends; Clara Silvestre, Marilena Pezzuto, Sossio Cimmino, and Donatella Duraccio
    Ethics, Communication, and Safety in the Use of PNFP; Yasemin J. Erden
    Evolution of Rheology, Structure, and Properties around the Rheological Flocculation and Percolation Thresholds in Polymer Nanocomposites; Rumiana Kotsilkova, Evgeni Ivanov, Ekaterina Krusteva, Clara Silvestre, Sossio Cimmino, and Donatella Duraccio
    Characterization of Safe Nanostructured Polymeric Materials; Geoffrey R. Mitchell
    Plasma Technology for Polymer Food Packaging Materials; Ondřej Kylián, Andrei Choukourov, Lenka Hanyková, and Hynek Biederman
    Polypropylene and Polyethylene-Based Nanocomposites for Food Packaging Applications; Donatella Duraccio, Clara Silvestre, Marilena Pezzuto, Sossio Cimmino, and Antonella Marra
    Some Aspects Concerning the Nanomaterials from Renewable Resources Use in Food Packaging; Cornelia Vasile, Georgeta Cazacu, Raluca Petronela Dumitriu, Raluca Nicoleta Darie, and Irina Elena Răschip
    Cellulose Nanowhiskers: Properties and Applications as Nanofillers in Nanocomposites with Interest in Food Biopackaging Applications; Marta Martínez–Sanz, Amparo López-Rubio, and José María Lagarón
    Edible Nano-Laminate Coatings for Food Applications; M.A. Cerqueira, A.I. Bourbon, A.C. Pinheiro, H.D. Silva, M.A.C. Quintas, and Antonio A. Vicente
    Potential Application of Nanomaterials in Food Packaging and Interactions of Nanomaterials with Food; Zehra Ayhan
    Photodegradation of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Organo-Modified Clay Nanocomposites under Natural Weathering Exposure; Mustapha Kaci, Aida Benhamida, Lynda Zaidi, Naima Touati, and Chérifa Remili
    Recycling of Nanocomposites; Marek A. Kozlowski and Joanna Macyszyn
    Polymer Nanocomposite Materials Used for Food Packaging; Erich Kny


    Clara Silvestre, Sossio Cimmino