1st Edition

Educating Adolescent Girls

By E. M. Chandler Copyright 1980
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    ‘Girls are worse than boys these days’ was a common complaint from teachers in the 1970s. Whether true or not, this viewpoint was pervasive, yet little guidance had been given to the student teachers to help them tackle the problems that girls presented.

    Originally published in 1980, the main purpose of this work was to provide a soundly based textbook on the education of adolescent girls which, by taking into account the changing role of women in our society at the time, would be of immediate use to all practitioners and students of education.

    Research findings, and material drawn from recent work by teachers in schools, have been collated along with theoretical approaches selected for their relevance to teaching in a manner which demonstrates their practical implications. The difficulties that teachers found in coping with the normal, as well as the abnormal, behaviour of girls is examined. The importance of education for girls is looked at in the context of their future roles as members of the work force and as mothers of the next generation.

    Reports and complaints about the inadequacies of the education system in preparing girls for their future life were rife. In dealing with a topic which was causing such concern the author set out to fill a noticeable gap in the literature of Education at the time.

    The book was designed for use by student teachers, lecturers, probationary teachers and their supervisors, but social workers, educational psychologists and others who deal with adolescents would also find it useful. For students its value rested in the practical orientation of its information which gave it the dual function of handbook and academic textbook. For practising teachers it gave advice, encouragement and support.

    Preface.  1. An Introduction to Adolescent Girls  2. The Adolescent in Conflict  3. The Coming of Puberty  4. Dependency  5. The Physical Education of the Adolescent  6. Keeping up Appearances  7. Classroom Control and the Normal Adolescent  8. Classroom Control and the Difficult Girl  9. The Bully and the Bullied  10. School Refusal  11. Sexuality  12. Girls Who Have Been Assaulted  13. Girls and their Health  14. Suicide, Depression and Suicide Threats  15. Stealing  16. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Drops the H-Bomb  17. Careers  18. Conclusion – a Mind Like a Man’s.  Bibliography and References.  Index.


    E. M. Chandler