1st Edition

Educating for Humanity Rethinking the Purposes of Education

By Mike Seymour, Henry M. Levin Copyright 2005
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

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    At a time of profound crises around the world, when social justice, peace, democracy and the environment seem under increasing threat, the promise of "a world for all" seems a viable aspiration for education. Ample evidence from many schools today, and dating back throughout the last century, prove that the purpose of educating young people to develop character, compassion, purpose and commitment is integral with the mastery of intellectual skills and life competencies. Schooling, without a doubt, can play a monumental part in the development of the personal values people take with them to the world. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, "if you don't know where you're going, you'll probably get someplace else." Educational policy directions over the last twenty years have veered far away from the important work of educating for humanity. This book makes a powerful appeal to revisit educational purpose in light of what is most fundamental and important to human beings everywhere. The authors address timely issues such as high stakes testing, school choice, and privatization of education in looking beyond these measures to new approaches to educational excellence.

    Introduction Educating for Humanity: Rethinking the Purposes of Education, Mike Seymour; Part I The Great Work of Reconnecting to Self, Community, Earth, and Spirit, Mike Seymour; Chapter 1 Networks and the Web of Life: The Science Behind an Integral, Sustainable Culture, Fritjof Capra, Mike Seymour; Chapter 2 An Evolutionary Threshold: Calling on Humanity’s “Double Wisdom”, Duane Elgin, Carter Phipps; Part II Educating for Self: Being Called into Life, Mike Seymour; Chapter 3 Authentic Living and Teaching: Rejoining Soul and Role, Parker J. Palmer, Mike Seymour; Chapter 4 Mentoring the Genius of Our Youth: Watering the Seeds of the Future, Michael Meade, Lauren de Boer; Chapter 5 Teachers: The Heart of Education, Sam M. Intrator; Chapter 6 Downside Up: Getting Education Right, Ronald G. Veronda; Chapter 7 How Schools Can Empower Our Children, Deborah Meier, Mike Seymour; Part III Educating for Authentic Community: Holding Space for the Heart, Mike Seymour; Chapter 8 Caring as a Foundation for Learning, Nel Noddings, Mike Seymour; Chapter 9 Creating a School Community, Eric Schaps; Chapter 10 Community in School, Thomas Sergiovanni, Mike Seymour; Chapter 11 The Bridges to Civility: Empathy, Ethics, Civics, and Service, Sheldon Berman; Chapter 12 Multicultural Education: Access, Equity, and Social Justice, Sonia Nieto, Mike Seymour; Chapter 13 Educating Global Citizens in a Diverse World, James A. Banks; Part IV Educating for Earth: Future Generations and All of Life, Mike Seymour; Chapter 14 Ethics and Ecology, Thomas Berry; Chapter 15 Deciding for Life and Our Children’s Future, David Orr, Mike Seymour; Chapter 16 Ecological Education: Extending the Definition of Environmental Education, Gregory A. Smith, Dilafruz R. Williams; Chapter 17 Returning Home with Empty Hands, David Jardine; Part V Educating for Spirit: The Quest for Heart, Character, and Meaning, Mike Seymour; Chapter 18 A Vision of Schools with Spirit, Linda Lantieri; Chapter 19 Making Meaningful Connections in School, Nancy Carlsson-Paige; Chapter 20 Making Space for the Mystery: Reawakening Life and Spirit in Teaching and Learning, Parker J. Palmer, Mike Seymour; Chapter 21 Way of the Brave: An Indigenous Perspective on “Character Education”, Don Trent Jacobs; Chapter 22 Nourishing Soul in Secular Schools, Rachael Kessler;


    Mike Seymour

    "Mike Seymour and his talented colleagues believe that all children are left behind by recent "No Child Left Behind" policies. (They) make a powerful case for a highly attractive alternative vision."
    Henry M. Levin, Columbia University, from the Foreword