1st Edition

Education As the Cultivation of Intelligence

By Michael E. Martinez Copyright 2000
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    Martinez defines intelligence from a cognitive perspective as a repertoire of those skills, strategies, and knowledge structures that are most instrumental in human effectiveness. He posits that in today's complex, fast-paced, technologically dense, and information-rich society, intelligence is the supreme human resource. The current social context not only demands intelligence, but rewards it economically, psychically, and in other ways. His central argument in this book is this: The intellectual abilities that are crucial to modern life, including economic viability and effectiveness in daily living, correspond to the cognitive functions that are reasonably called intelligence; these intellectual abilities are learnable; we now know enough about the structure and mechanisms of intelligent thought and behavior to teach them directly. Martinez explicates his argument and provides research-based evidence to support his claim.

    Contents: Preface. Part I: Introduction. The Age of Intelligence. Part II: What Is Intelligence? Psychometric Models. Information-Processing Models. Emergent Models. A Model of Learnable Intelligence. Part III: Can Intelligence Be Learned? Genetics and the Plasticity of Intelligence. The Race Question. Intelligence and Experience. Interventions That Enhance Intelligence. Part IV: Learnable Intelligence and Society. Cultivating Intelligence. Prospects for an Intelligent World.


    Martinez, Michael E.

    "Martinez provides a meaningful discussion of the importance of experience in the development of intelligence in a technology-dominated world....Just as Richard J. Herrnstein's The Bell Curve had an impact on the hereditarian position of intelligence, conversely Education as the Cultivation of Intelligence has the potential to have an equal influence on the development of intelligence as a liberator. This volume is an exceptional resource for persons interested in the development of intelligence and as a supplemental text for undergraduate or graduate students."

    In Education as the Cultivation of Intelligence, Michael E. Martinez moves beyond the nature versus nurture dichotomy to offer a compelling view of intellectual development that accords with the best and most recent research....What is so refreshing about this book is that the author has thoroughly explored and assimilated the diverse research that is used as the basis for either/or claims."
    APA Review of Books

    "This is a very good title, and an impressive piece of work....The book has a warm, positive tone, with echoes of McV. Hunt...the book is a significant achievement."
    British Journal of Educational Psychology

    "Martinez's thesis--that education involves the cultivation of intelligence--is a powerful one....He addresses an important and hot topic in educational psychology."
    Richard Mayer
    University of California, Santa Barbara