1st Edition

Education Contested Changing Relations between State, Market and Civil Society in Modern European Education

Edited By Jules L. Peschar, Marieke van der Wal Copyright 2000
    248 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    This text discusses the relationship between state, market, civil society and education, examining such topics as: development in education inspectorates; the way in which universities are stimulated to support themselves financially; and the way education prepares students for citizenship.

    Jules L. Peschar & Marieke van der Wal
    1 Central Issues and Changing Perspectives in European
    Comparative Education
    Jules L. Peschar & Marieke van der Wal
    Part 1: State
    2 World Class Schools: Some Preliminary Findings from the
    International School Effectiveness Research Project (ISERP)
    David Reynolds, Bert Creemers, Charles Teddlie & Sam Stringfield
    3 Paying the Price for ‘Deregulation’: The Rise of External School
    Evaluation through Inspection
    Hans-Georg Kotthoff
    4 Curriculum Control in ‘Deregulated’ and Bureaucratic Educational
    Systems in Europe: The Cases of England and Greece
    Stavros Moutsios
    5 How Can an Educational System be Decentralised while Preserving
    its Unity? The Case of Russia and France
    Henry Folliet & Jean-Michel Leclerq
    Part 2: Market
    6 Universities, Markets and the State: Higher Education Financing as
    a Laboratory of Change
    Hans N. Weiler
    7 The State, Civil Society and Economies: The University and the
    Politics of Space
    Robert Cowen
    8 Education Between State and Private Delivery: Civil Society as
    Equilibrium. The Dutch Case
    Anne Bert Dijkstra & Jaap Dronkers
    9 Capacity Building for Market Orientation in Higher Education:
    Experiences in Vietnam and Kenya
    Bram de Hoop & Wim Jan T. Renkema
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    Part 3: Civil Society
    10 The Current State of the French Education System: A Contrast
    Balance Sheet
    Claude Thélot
    11 University Training for Adults in the Light of the Interaction
    Between University and the Civil Society
    Jean-Luc Guyot
    12 Pakistani Immigrants: A Challenge to Norwegian Schools and
    Social Equity
    Gunn Marie Hansen
    13 University Selectivity and Employment: A Comparison Between
    British and French Graduates
    Jake Murdoch, Jean-Jacques Paul & Julien Zanzala
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    Jules L. Peschar, Marieke van der Wal