2nd Edition

Education and Racism A Primer on Issues and Dilemmas

By Zeus Leonardo, W. Norton Grubb Copyright 2019
    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    Education and Racism is a concise and easily accessible primer for introducing undergraduate and graduate students to the field of race and education. Designed for introductory courses, each chapter provides an overview of a main issue or dilemma in the research on racial inequality and education and the particular approaches that have been offered to explain or address them. Theme-oriented chapters include curriculum, school (re)segregation, and high stakes testing as well as discussions on how racism intersects with other forms of marginality, like socio-economic status. The focus on particular educational themes is the strength of this book as it paints a portrait of the systematic nature of racism. It surveys multiple approaches to racism and education and places them in conversation with one another, incorporating both classical as well as contemporary theories. Although conceptually rich and dense with critical perspectives and empirical study, this expanded edition contains several powerful vignettes that illustrate the commanding roles racism and structural inequality continue to play in the classroom.

    Perfect for courses in Multicultural Education, Sociology of Education, Ethnic Studies and more, Education and Racism is the ideal primer for engaging students new to race and education without sacrificing the content for those who are already familiar with the field.

    Table of Contents


    Introduction: Education and Racism

    1 Curriculum and Racism

    2 Culturally Relevant Education and Racism

    3 School–Community Relations and Racism

    4 Tracking, Segregation, and Racism

    5 Funding, Resources, and Racism: When Money Matters

    6 High-Stakes Testing, Accountability, and Racism

    7 Education and Racism: Future Directions


    Zeus Leonardo is Professor and Associate Dean of Education and Faculty of the Critical Theory Designated Emphasis at the University of California, Berkeley.

    W. Norton Grubb was Professor Emeritus, David Gardner Chair in Higher Education Emeritus, and Program Coordinator, Principal Leadership Institute, at the University of California, Berkeley.

    Praise for the previous edition:

    "At last we have a text that brings issues of race and education cogently and powerfully to undergraduates who often have little opportunity to seriously engage these ideas. Kudos to Leonardo and Grubb for weaving together the research in such a masterful way.”―Gloria Ladson-Billings, Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    "Education and Racism should be required reading for all education leaders! Its lucid analysis of how race works in education counters the pervasive but misdirected twin themes of colorblindness and post racialism. Leonardo and Grubb clearly show how good intentions unwittingly perpetuate systemic racism, arguing compellingly for color-conscious policies and actions that I believe can make a real difference.”―Christine Sleeter, California State University, Monterey Bay