1st Edition

Education and Reform in China

Edited By Emily Hannum, Albert Park Copyright 2007
    308 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    304 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Transformative market reforms in China since the late 1970s have improved living standards dramatically, but have also led to unprecedented economic inequality. During this period, China’s educational system was restructured to support economic development, with educational reforms occurring at a startling pace. Today, the educational system has diversified in structure, finance, and content; it has become more market-oriented; and it is serving an increasingly diverse student population.  These changes carry significant consequences for China’s social mobility and inequality, and future economic prospects.
    In Education and Reform in China, leading scholars in the fields of education, sociology, demography, and economics investigate the evolution of educational access and attainment, educational quality, and the economic consequences of being educated. Education and Reform in China shows that economic advancement is increasingly tied to education in China, even as educational services are increasingly marketized. The volume investigates the varying impact of change for different social, ethnic, economic and geographic groups. Offering interdisciplinary views on the changing role of education in Chinese society, and on China’s educational achievements and policy challenges, this book will be an important resource for those interested in education, public policy, and development issues in China.

    I Overviews

    1. Introduction: Market Reforms and Educational Opportunity in China
    2. Emily Hannum and Albert Park

    3. China’s Education Reform: Priorities and Implications
    4. Kai-ming Cheng

      II Marketization and Education

    5. Returns to Education in Rural China
    6. Alan De Brauw and Scott Rozelle

    7. Returns to Education in China’s Transitional Economy: Reassessment and Reconceptualization
    8. Wei Zhao and Xueguang Zhou

    9. Rising Schooling Returns in Urban China
    10. Junsen Zhang and Yaohui Zhao

    11. The Role of Education in Determining Labor Market Outcomes in Urban China
    12. Margaret Maurer-Fazio

    13. The Growth and Determinants of Literacy in China
    14. Donald Treiman

      III Education for All? School Finance and School Access

    15. Intergovernmental Grants and the Financing of Compulsory Education in China
    16. Mun Tsang

    17. Emergence of Private Schools in China: Context, Characteristics and Implications
    18. Jing Lin

    19. Patterns of School Enrollment in China in 1990
    20. Rachel Connelly and Zhenzhen Zheng

    21. School Access and Equity in Rural Tibet
    22. Gerard Postiglione

    23. Educational Attainment in Migrant Children: The Forgotten Story of Urbanization in China
    24. Yiu-Por Chen and Zai Liang

      IV The Challenge of Quality Education

    25. Learning, Motivation, and Culture Change in China
    26. Harold Stevenson

    27. Social Capital Formation through Chinese School Communities
    28. Heidi Ross and Jing Lin

    29. Academic Achievement and Engagement in Rural Western China
    30. Emily Hannum and Albert Park

    31. Challenges in Reforming Professional Development
    32. Lynn Paine and Yanping Fang

    33. Incentives and the Quality of Teachers and Schools

    Weili Ding and Steven Lehrer


    Albert Park is Associate Professor of Economics and Faculty Associate of the Center for Chinese Studies and International Policy Center at the University of Michigan.

    Emily Hannum is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is a member of the Graduate Group in Demography, the Graduate Group in Education, and the Center for East Asian Studies.

    "Hannum and Park present a relevant and fitting geographically representative discussion of education and reform in China. The credentials of the editors and authors, coupled with the quantitative and qualitative studies, make the book a valuable resource for those interested in education, public policy, and development issues in China in the twenty-first century." Rhea Ashmore, Comparative Education Review, May 2008


    'Emily Hannum, Albert Park and their contributors have given us a stateof-the-art volume, using the most sophisticated social science research methodologies, on some of the key issues the Chinese government and educational authorities have been grappling with over the last two decades.' - The China Review, Vol.8, No.2 (Fall 2008)