1st Edition

Education and Work in Great Britain, Germany and Italy

    This volume examines the multiple connections between education, broadly defined, and work, through an analysis of the literature on the transition from school to work, on vocational training and on the labour market. It shows that concepts such as skill, unemployment rates, young people and the transition from school to work are socially constructed and are thought about in ways which are nationally specific. This book is essential reading for students of European training systems and for those conducting comparative European research.

    List of Illustrations. Notes on Contributors. Acknowledgements. 1. Comparisons Between an Area of Research in Germany, Great Britain and Italy A. Jobert, C. Marry, L.Tanguy 2. Education, Vocational Training and Employment in Germany C. Marry 3. Thirty Years of the Sociology of Education B. Krais 4. Relationships Between the Educational and Employment Systems M. Frackmann 5. Social Change and the Modernisation of School-to-Work Transitions W. Heinz and U. Nagel 6. The Relationship Between Education and Employment in German Industrial Sociology I. Drexel 7. Labour Market Transitions and Dynamics of Transitions in Germany K. Schomann 8. Institutions and the Market L. Tanguy and H. Rainbird 9. The Transition from School to Work and Its Heirs D. Raffe 10. Labour Market Approaches to the Study of the Relationship Between Education and (Un)employment in the UK D. Ashton 11. Is This a Way of Understanding Education-Work Relations? L. Chisholm 12. The Social Construction of Skill H. Rainbird 13. The Approaches of Economists to the Relationship Between Training and Work D. Marsden 14. Employment, Education and Training in Italy A. Jobert 15. Analysis of Research in the Sociology of Education: 1960-1990 L. Benadusi and P.Botta 16. Youth Employment and Public Action in Italy M. Giovine 17. Connections Between Collective Bargaining, Job Training and Educational Research in Italy S. Meghnagi 18. Industrial Development and Training Policies V. Capecchi 19. Socio-economic Approaches to the Labour Market P. Calzibini . Index.


    Helen Rainbird, Annette Jobert, Catherine Marry, Lucie Tanguy