1st Edition

Education for Values: Morals, Ethics and Citizenship in Contemporary Teaching

Edited By Jo Cairns, Roy Gardner, Denis Lawton Copyright 2000

    Values in education, in terms of both how they are taught and of the ethics of teaching itself, are an area of lively debate. This text provides a resource of ideas, issues and practice for all those with an interest in this area of education.

    Chapter 1 Morals, Ethics and Citizenship in Contemporary Teaching, Jo Cairns; Part 1 Approaches to Teaching Values; Chapter 2 What Scope Is There for Teaching Moral Reasoning?, Graham Haydon; Chapter 3 Three Approaches to Moral Education, Colin Wringe; Chapter 4 Philosophy for Children: How Philosophical Enquiry Can Foster Values Education in Schools, Robert Fisher; Chapter 5 Sharing Values with a Selfish Gene, Philip Goggin; Part 2 Issues in Education in Values; Chapter 6 Legitimating the Moral Curriculum, Paul Yates; Chapter 7 The Contribution of Special Education to Our Understanding of Values, Schooling and the Curriculum, Brahm Norwich, Jenny Corbett; Chapter 8 Citizenship Studies, Community Service Learning and Higher Education, John Annette; Part 3 Teacher Education and Values; Chapter 9 The Moralization of Teaching: A Relational Approach as an Ethical Framework in the Professional Preparation and Formation of Teachers, Michael Totterdell; Chapter 10 A Code of the Ethical Principles Underlying Teaching as a Professional Activity, John Tomlinson, Vivienne Little; Chapter 11 The TTA Consultation Documents on ITT: What, No Values?, Stuart Ainsworth, Andrew Johnson; Chapter 12 Communities in Search of Values: Articulating Shared Principles in Initial Teacher Education, Val Fraser, Mick Saunders; Part 4 Research for Education in Values; Chapter 13 Valued Educational Research: Reconceptualizations of the Curriculum, David Scott; Chapter 14 Education for Integrity: Values, Educational Research and the Use of the Life History Method, Paul Armstrong; Chapter 15 Representation in Research: Whose Values Are We Representing?, Jane Erricker; Part 5 Comparative Studies; Chapter 16 Ethics (Re)placed: Considerations for Educating Citizens in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Robert Balfour; Chapter 17 Researching Values in Cross-cultural Contexts, Elwyn Thomas; Chapter 18 Can Those Children Become ‘Good Cats’? Dilemmas in Curriculum Reform in the Schools of Beijing, China, Xiaopeng Li; Chapter 19 Valuing Studies of Society and Environment, Gavin Faichney; Chapter 20 ::, Hanan Alexander; Chapter 21 In Search of Common Values: Ethnic Schema, Ethnic Conflict and National Reconciliation in Fiji, Steven Ratuva; Chapter 22 A Canadian Experience: Transcending Pluralism, Donald Santor;


    Denis Lawton, Jo Cairns, Roy Gardner

    '[This] is a valuable contribution to the discussion on values in education.' - Innovations in Education and Teaching International