1st Edition

Education in Egypt (RLE Egypt)

By Judith Cochran Copyright 1986
    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    Egyptian education is a central, social and economic force in the Middle East. For hundreds of years Al Azhar University has been the centre of Islamic thinking and education. More recently Egypt became the leader in secular education as Mohammed Ali established the first medical, veterinarian, engineering and accounting schools in the Middle East. Nasser expanded Egyptian educational leadership by providing free education for Muslem students from neighbouring countries. The extensive exportation of Egyptian educators to initiate and educate in schools and universities throughout the Arab speaking world has shaped the secular and religious leaders of those countries. This book traces the history of Egyptian education over the last hundred years and highlights the key factors which have given Egyptian education its particular quality and influence within the Arab world.

    First published 1986.

    List of tables.  Preface.  Introduction.  1. Roots of Modern Education  2. British Occupation 1882-1920  3. Nationalization of Education 1920-1952  4. Socialization of Education 1952-1970  5. Open Door Educational Policy 1970-1981  6. Reorganization of Mass Education  7. Foreign Investment, US and World Bank  8. Guidelines for Foreign Investment  9. Conclusions and Recommendations.  Index.


    Judith Cochran