1st Edition

Educational Accountability International perspectives on challenges and possibilities for school leadership

Edited By Jacob Easley II, Pierre Tulowitzki Copyright 2016

    Educational Accountability: International perspectives on challenges and possibilities for school leadership provides an opportunity to assess, reflect on, and discuss current issues surrounding accountability policies in education from around the globe and the implications they hold for school leadership. It addresses the global trend of accountability policies expanding in scope to include the education profession as well as the increasing incidence of international policy borrowing, brought on chiefly by globalisation.

    Specific case studies offer a contextual examination of the theory, policy and practice of accountability and an inspection of their influence on school leadership. Cases are intentionally juxtaposed to provide a broad perspective of regional and cultural similarities and departures, and are arranged to reflect the diasporic Chinese, Anglo, European, and Hispanic societies.

    Bringing together a number of highly regarded experts within the field, the book cultivates a global perspective on the challenges and possibilities for school leaders to foster school effectiveness and improvement. Educational Accountability should be key reading for researchers, policy makers, and current and future school leaders.

    Michael Schratz

    Chapter 1 Introduction: Conceptualizing Educational Accountability Across Global Contexts
    Jacob Easley II

    Chapter 2 Principal Leadership And Accountability In Australia: A Fine Balance Indeed
    Simon Clarke & Neil Dempster

    Chapter 3 Aotearoa New Zealand: Examining The Challenges Of Educational Accountability Policies And Exploring Possibilities For School Leadership
    Jan Robertson & Mary Hill

    Chapter 4 From Policy And Practice To Possibilities: The Context Of Educational Accountability in The U.S. And Praxis of School Leadership
    Jacob Easley II & Mohammed Elmeski

    Chapter 5 Chile: School Leadership Challenged By Double Accountability Towards Schools
    José Weinstein, Javiera Marfán, Andrea Horn, Gonzalo Muñoz

    Chapter 6 School Accountability Policy In Practice: Learning byBy Comparing Australiea, New Zealand, USA, and China
    James P. Spillane & Katie Mertz

    Chapter 7 Teacher Evaluation And Educational Accountability in China: Implications for School Leadership
    Ting Wang

    Chapter 8 The School Development And Accountability Framework in Hong Kong: Possibilities Of Educational Leadership
    Nicholas Sun-Keung Pang

    Chapter 9 School Education and Accountability In India: Mapping Current Policies And Practices
    Pranati Panda

    Chapter 10. The Promises and Perils of School Leadership for Accountability: Four Lessons from China, Hong Kong and India
    Moosung Lee & Misty M. Kirby

    Chapter 11 Accountability Policies And School Leadership in Austria: Increasing Competition And Little Accountability
    Anna Kanape-Willingshofer, Herbert Altrichter, David Kemethofer

    Chapter 12 Top-down Accountability And Local Management: Tensions And Contradictions Experienced By French Principals As Leaders
    Romuald Normand & Jean-Louis Derouet

    Chapter 13 Accountability In The German School System: More Of A Burden Than A Preference Stephan Gerhard Huber, Bettina-Maria Gördel, Selin Kilic, Pierre Tulowitzki

    Chapter 14 Swinging Between Two Platforms: Accountability Policy In The Netherlands And Educational Leadership In And Around Schools
    Jeroen Imants, Yvonne Zwart, Peter Breur

    Chapter 15 Emerging Accountability Policies And Practices In Education: The Case Of Norway
    Guri Skedsmo and Sølvi Mausethagen

    Chapter 16 Accountability Policies Across Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Norway
    Jorunn Møller

    Chapter 17 Educational Accountability Around The Globe: Challenges and Possibilities for School Leadership
    Pierre Tulowitzki

    About the authors


    Jacob Easley II is Dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies at Eastern Connecticut State University, USA.

    Pierre Tulowitzki is Senior Researcher at the Institute for the Management and Economics of Education at the University of Teacher Education in Zug, Switzerland.