1st Edition

Educational Change in International Early Childhood Contexts Crossing Borders of Reflection

Edited By Linda R. Kroll, Daniel R. Meier Copyright 2015
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    Co-published with the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI), Educational Change in International Early Childhood Contexts: Crossing Borders of Reflection examines the role of teacher reflection in a variety of educational contexts worldwide. Using a case study approach that integrates research, theory, policy, and practice, international contributors show how, in some settings, local traditions and values are honored while, in others, international educational ideas and programs become modified to suit local needs. Cases from Japan, China, Palestine, South Africa, Kenya, Finland, Italy, and New Zealand are discussed, as well as models from the United States.

    Through its thorough investigation into teacher reflection practices throughout the world, Educational Change in International Early Childhood Contexts: Crossing Borders of Reflection focuses on the transformative value of these practices to promote change in early childhood education. Framing commentary from Linda R. Kroll and Daniel R. Meier provides context and places the case studies in conversation with one another, allowing for productive international comparisons in this dynamic collection.


    Joseph Tobin


    Contributors' Biographies


    Linda R. Kroll and Daniel R. Meier

    PART I: Inquiry, Reflection, and International Early Childhood Education

    Chapter 1: Inquiry and Reflection to Promote Social Justice and International Understanding

    Linda R. Kroll

    Chapter 2: International Early Childhood Education: Unsettled Issues, New Possibilities

    Daniel R. Meier

    PART II: Power of Reflection: The Perspectives of Teachers in Cross-National Contexts

    Chapter 3: Developing Teacher Collaboration along a Global Perspective: Using Inquiry in a Kenyan Preschool

    Trevor Valentino

    Chapter 4: Cultural Consciousness: A Chinese Immigrant Teacher’s Understanding of Culture and Culturally Responsive Teaching in the U.S.

    Fengyuan Sun

    Chapter 5: Learning from Reflection: Lessons Learned From a U.S. Early Childhood Educator Teaching in Guatemala

    Molly Van Houten

    PART III: International Views on the Practice of Reflection and Inquiry

    Chapter 6: Critical Thinking for Autonomous Citizenship: The Place of Philosophy for Children in South African Early Childhood Education

    Amasa Philip Ndofirepi

    Chapter 7: My Past is My Present is My Future: A Bi-Cultural Approach to Early Years Education in Aotearoa, New Zealand

    Lesley Pohio, Adrienne Sansom, and Karen Liley

    Chapter 8: Discourse on a Pedagogy of Listening: The Role of Documentation in Promoting Reflection and Analysis of Learning in Italy and the U.S.

    Brenda Fyfe in consultation with Carlina Rinaldi

    PART IV: Reflection and Professional Learning and Growth

    Chapter 9: Transformations and Tensions in Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care

    Kaisa Kopisto, Laura Salo, Lasse Lipponen and Leena Krokfors

    Chapter 10: Education and Professional Development of Japanese Preschool Teachers

    Kyoko Iwatate and Mikiko Tabu

    Chapter 11: Reflection Through Story: Strengthening Palestinian Early Childhood Education

    Buad Khales


    Linda R. Kroll and Daniel R. Meier



    Linda R. Kroll is Professor of Early Childhood Education at Mills College.

    Daniel R. Meier is Professor of Elementary Education at San Francisco State University.

    "What really hits you when you read this book is the sheer number of first-hand experiences included and the associated wealth of ideas these bring. I love the onus on the importance of really actively listening to children and how important this is alongside reflective practice and enquiry from an international perspective, while respecting loyal voice." - Martine Horvath, EYE Magazine

    "This innovative and unique book offers relevant encounters with teachers and children in educational contexts much larger than the title implies. Reflective practice and inquiry, the heart of the stated topic, become a complex and varied prism through which the experiences of teachers and children, learning along with families and communities of many cultures of the globe, are presented and analyzed while respecting local voices." - Lella Gandini, Ed.D, Reggio Children US Liaison, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Lesley University

    "This text details a wealth of first-hand experiences of those working with very young children in a variety of roles and global contexts. The importance of listening to children and taking into account their differing circumstances and agency is recognised, and the insights communicated will be of value to anyone involved in the complexities and tensions underlying the minute-to-minute decisions that comprise life inside and outside of the classroom. A book that is of as much relevance to education in the world today as it will be tomorrow." - John Jessel, Reader in Education, Goldsmiths, University of London