1st Edition

Educational Dilemmas A Cultural Psychological Perspective

Edited By Luca Tateo Copyright 2019
    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    Educational Dilemmas uses cultural psychology to explore the challenges, contradictions and tensions that occur during the process of education, with consideration of the effect these have at both the individual and the collective level. It argues that the focus on issues in learning overlooks a fundamental characteristic of education: that the process of educating is simultaneously both constructive and disruptive.

    Drawing on research from Europe, America and Asia, chapters in this volume present and analyse different experiences of the tension between disruption and construction in the process of education. Situating educational discontent within the wider context, the book demonstrates how this issue can be exacerbated by the tension between the commodification and democratisation of educational systems. This book demonstrates that these issues permeate all levels of education and, as a result, emphasises how vital it is that educational discontent is considered from a new perspective.

    Educational Dilemmas is essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduate students in the fields of psychology and education. It should also be of great interest to school psychologists, teachers and therapists.

    Introduction - The inherent ambivalence of educational trajectories and the zone of proximal development with reduced potential

    Luca Tateo

    Chapter 1 – Intrinsic education and its discontents

    Eugene Matusov and Ana Marjanovic-Shane

    Chapter 2 - Stress – between welfare and competition

    Thomas Szulevicz, Lærke Kromann Kure and Lillith Olsen Løkken

    Chapter 3 - Problems from discontinuity of children’s environment and development in Japan

    Yoriko Okamoto Omi

    Chapter 4 - Mental health 101: interpreting emotional distress for Canadian postsecondary students

    Karen H. Ross

    Chapter 5 - Counseling for university students

    Giulia Savarese, Oreste Fasano, Nadia Pecoraro, Monica Mollo, Luna Carpinelli and Pierpaolo Cavallo

    Chapter 6 - The discomfort of writing in academia

    Noomi Matthiesen and Charlotte Wegener

    Chapter 7 - In deep water: university students’ challenges in the processes of self-formation, survival or flight

    Casper Feilberg

    Chapter 8 - Corporal punishment in extracurricular sports activities (bukatsu) represents an aspect of Japanese culture

    Yasuhiro Omi

    Chapter 9 - "I see stress in many places around me, but as such, I'm over it": understanding psycho-cultural dimensions of university students’ experiences

    Pernille Hammer, Thomas Madsen and Luca Tateo

    Chapter 10 - Internship as liminal zone in education

    Enrica Mele and Giuseppina Marsico

    Afterword on educational dilemmas

    Luca Tateo


    Luca Tateo is Associate Professor at Aalborg University in Denmark. He is a member of the Research Center for Cultural Psychology, Member of the Centre IBEF (Ideas for the Basic Education of the Future), ECNU in Shanghai, and visiting professor at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil.