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Educational Leadership and Policy Decision-Making in Neoliberal Times

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The books in this series explore both leadership and policy for learning, equity, diversity, social justice, and anti-oppressive education in the context of decision-making in neoliberal times. Bringing together major theorists from the social and political sciences to critical studies of educational leadership and policy, the volumes in this series offer alternatives to the neoliberal dominant discourse and practices. How do policy makers and educational leaders experience decision making? What new tensions and challenges are they facing? What are the implications of decision-making processes and ideologies for social diversity, democracy, and equity? This series advances theoretical and empirical discussions on educational leadership and policy by incorporating different perspectives and paradigms that encourage educators to act meaningfully, innovatively, and democratically in diverse settings.

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Education Policy, Neoliberalism, and Leadership Practice A Critical Analysis

Education Policy, Neoliberalism, and Leadership Practice: A Critical Analysis

1st Edition

By Karen Starr
April 22, 2019

Education Policy, Neoliberalism, and Leadership Practice is a foundational book describing all aspects of neoliberalism and its broad scale impact in education. Drawing on research and canvassing policy developments across a range of contexts, this book critically analyzes neoliberal education ...

Confronting Educational Policy in Neoliberal Times International Perspectives

Confronting Educational Policy in Neoliberal Times: International Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Stephanie Chitpin, John P Portelli
January 23, 2019

This volume explores how educational policy is changing as a result of neoliberal restructuring and how these issues affect educators’ practice. Evidence-based chapters present a sharp analysis of neoliberal education policy while also offering suggestions and recommendations for future action to ...

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