Educational Leadership in Action : A Casebook for Aspiring Educational Leaders book cover
1st Edition

Educational Leadership in Action
A Casebook for Aspiring Educational Leaders

ISBN 9781138020993
Published July 27, 2015 by Routledge
236 Pages

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Book Description

Educational Leadership in Action provides 24 complex, real-life, accessible cases to provoke and stimulate conversation around practical problems that confront educational leaders today. Written by a diverse group of educators, these cases cover a wide range of topics, including: teacher evaluations, educational reforms, contract negotiations, school safety, cultural differences, undocumented students, and social media. To foster additional meaningful discussion and debate, this resource includes responses to each of the cases, written by a range of experts. The organization and unique approach of Educational Leadership in Action allows for flexible use in courses for aspiring leaders to supplement core readings, reinforce central concepts, exemplify theory, and provide grounded examples to encourage learning. This essential compendium of cases and responses prepares future leaders to frame problems, identify solutions, and develop strategies to meet the multiple challenges and competing demands in rapidly changing education contexts.

Table of Contents



Case Analysis Framework


PART I: Case Studies

Case 1: Expecting the Best

Laurie Barron

Case 2: Transformational Leadership

Wendy Jordan

Case 3: Last In, First Out

John Deasy

Case 4: The Safe Environment

Joe Nelson

Case 5: Wearing Two Hats

Ron Smith

Case 6: A Nightmare Scenario

Janet Robinson

Case 7: Substitute Solutions

Danielle Eadens and Daniel Eadens

Case 8: The Censorship Crisis

Jackie Cornelius

Case 9: Monitoring Performance

Scott Taylor

Case 10: Digital Dilemmas

Mark Edwards

Case 11: Careful What You Wish For

David Ryan

Case 12: A Digital 1:1 Initiative

David Schuler

Case 13: Cultivating Trust

Paula Vincent

Case 14: Closed Books, Closed Minds

Michael Searson

Case 15: Fitting In

Maria Roberts

Case 16: Safety and Supervision

Nicholas Celso

Case 17: Tenure Is Not The Problem…We Are!

Kenneth King

Case 18: The Digital Schoolbook

Leila Sadeghi

Case 19: No Place for Hate

Ranelle Lang

Case 20: Nobody’s Driving the Bus

Kathe Callahan

Case 21: Ready for Retirement

John Szabo

Case 22: The Afternoon Bus

Charles Ford

Case 23: Managing to Lead

Paul Palek

Case 24: The Used Car Salesman

Raphael J. Caprio

PART II: Case Responses

Case 1: Expecting the Best: Response

Leigh E. Wallace, Ramin Farahandpur, Mark D. Cannon

Case 2: Transformational Leadership: Response

Deborah S. Peterson, Kriss Y. Kemp-Graham, Mohomodou Boncana

Case 3: Last In, First Out: Response

Nathan R. Templeton, Brandi N. Hinnant-Crawford, Hazel M. Carter

Case 4: The Safe Environment: Response

Arthur J. Borgemenke, J. Kenneth Young, Christopher N. Amos, Sr.

Case 5: Wearing Two Hats: Response

Dora E. Zeno, Anthony Pittman, Deborah Erickson

Case 6: A Nightmare Scenario: Response

Diane Mason, Jason Mixon, Watt Lesley Black, Jr, Jocelyn Drakeford

Case 7: Substitute Solutions: Response

Clinton Smith, Leonard H. Elovitz, Susan Polirstok

Case 8: The Censorship Crisis: Response

Steve Myran, Jennie Weiner, Jess L. Gregory

Case 9: Monitoring Performance: Response

Patrick Fletcher, Raphael J. Caprio, John J. Szabo

Case 10: Digital Dilemmas: Response

Sousan Arafeh, Daniel W. Eadens, Eva M. Ogens

Case 11: Careful What You Wish For: Response

Loretta DeLong, Fran Duvall, Julie Norflus–Good

Case 12: A Digital 1:1 Initiative: Response

Howard V. Coleman, Vincent Cho, Rebecca Lowenhaupt, Becky J. Cox

Case 13: Cultivating Trust: Response

Kevin Stansbury, Fredrik Oberkehr, Catherine Meyer-Looze

Case 14: Closed Books, Closed Minds: Response

Kelly T. Williams, Tawannah Allen

Case 15: Fitting In: Response

Lori Boyland, Lavetta B. Henderson, Sue Feldman

Case 16: Safety and Supervision: Response

Chrissy Cross, Sebastian Powell, Jenifer Hartman

Case 17: Tenure Is Not The Problem…We Are!: Response

Robert F. Hachiya, James Satterfield, Nicholas Whitrow

Case 18: The Digital Schoolbook: Response

Suzanne McCotter, Debra Touchton, Charles Vanover, Karen Thro, Ashley Heuser

Case 19: No Place for Hate: Response

Jan A. Furman, Jafeth E. Sanchez, Bill W. Thornton, Craig A. Schilling

Case 20: Nobody’s Driving the Bus: Response

A. Chris Torres, Danny A. Robertozzi, Domonic Bearfield

Case 21: Ready for Retirement: Response

Regina M. Lynn, Michael Gall, Richard J. Hanna

Case 22: The Afternoon Bus: Response

Lennox H. Small, RaShawn M. Adams

Case 23: Managing to Lead: Response

Terri Watson, Mario Barbiere, Jules Palmieri

Case 24: The Used Car Salesman: Response

Sue Morley, Patrick Fletcher, Vincent De Luci

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Leila Sadeghi is Assistant Professor and Chair in the Department of Educational Leadership at Kean University, USA.

Kathe Callahan is Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator in the Department of Educational Leadership at Kean University, USA.


"Educational Leadership in Action leads the reader to the crossroads of theory and practice within the context of school leadership in contemporary America.  The case study approach offers real-life situations for both current and aspiring leaders to ponder.  It is teaching and storytelling about ‘the head, the hand and the heart’ of school leadership at its best."

—Peter R. Litchka, Associate Professor and Director of Educational Leadership Program, Loyola University Maryland, USA

"This ‘go-to’ book of contemporary and intriguing cases is user-friendly for students and faculty. It provides a real-life approach to analyzing critical issues faced in education. Offering multiple responses to cases, the authors position the reader to develop strategies in addressing educational issues contingent upon a school’s needs."

—Hazel M. Carter, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Special Education, The City College of New York, USA