Educational Leadership of Immigrants : Case Studies in Times of Change book cover
1st Edition

Educational Leadership of Immigrants
Case Studies in Times of Change

ISBN 9780367186272
Published August 28, 2019 by Routledge
276 Pages

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Book Description

Educational Leadership of Immigrants highlights the educational practices and discourses around immigration that intersect with policies and laws, in order to support K-12 students’ educational access and families’ participation in schooling. Drawing primarily on research from the fields of educational leadership and educational policy, this book employs a case study approach to address immigration in public schools and communities; school leaders’ responses to ethical dilemmas; the impact of immigration policy on undocumented students; and the varying cultural, sociopolitical, legal and economic contexts affecting students’ educational circumstances. This book prepares current and future educational leaders to adapt to the changing terrain of U.S. demographics, education, and immigration policy.

Special features include:

  • case narratives drawn from real-life experiences to support the educational needs of immigrant students;
  • teaching activities and reflective discussion questions pertaining to each case study to crystallize leaders’ knowledge and facilitate their comfort levels in practice;
  • discussions of current challenges in education facing immigrant students, their families, educators, and school leaders, especially with changing immigration law.

Table of Contents





Definition of Terms

Section I - School Leadership

1: Equity and Access for English Learners: Developing Inclusive Advanced Placement Programs

Chris Belcher and Sarah L. Hairston

2: Listening to African Muslim Girls: Schooling at the Intersection of Race, Religion, and Gender

Van Lac and Nathern S. Okilwa

3: "Anil, please tell your dad your report card is really good!" Language Brokering at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Lisa M. Dorner, Shu-Sha Angie Guan, and Dawn Thieman

4: Teacher Tensions: Addressing the Impact of Anti-Immigrant Discourse on Students

Chloe Latham Sikes and Andrea Chevalier

5: Translanguaging: Challenges and Opportunities for School Leaders

Dina López and Ofelia García

6: Standardized Testing and Mariachi: Dilemmas of a Culturally Sustaining Dual-Language Principal

Sandra Leu Bonanno, Adeli Ynostroza and, Eulogio Alejandre

7: When ICE Came to Town: Separating Families and Disrupting Educational Trajectories

Liliana E. Castrellón, Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola and Gerardo R. López

8: Creating a Welcoming Environment of Mental Health Equity for Undocumented Students

Germán Cadenas, Diana Peña, and Jesus Cisneros

9: UndocuCollege Access: Addressing Documentation Issues in the College Choice Process

Marco A. Murillo

10: The Paradoxical Implications of Deported American Students

Edmund T. Hamann and Jessica Mitchell-McCollough

Section I - Resources

Section II - Community Leadership

11: Balancing School Priorities on the Border: A Case of School Leadership in Immigrant Communities

David DeMatthews and Guadalupe Vela

12: How School Leadership Influences (and is Influenced by) Immigration

St. Claire Adriaan, Anthony H. Normore, and Jeffrey S. Brooks

13: A Principal’s Mission to Create Space and Inclusivity for Immigrant Students in a Predominately Latinx Charter School

Uzziel H. Pecina and Dea Marx

14: School Choice and Immigrants: Do Families Choose or Do Schools Choose?

Stephen Kotok and Elizabeth Gil

15: Negotiating Culturally Responsive Leadership in Remote Rural Settings

Maria Frankland, Andrea Mercado, and Catharine Biddle

16: Distributed Leadership in Schools with ‘Emergent Bilingual Leadership Teams’ for Collaborative Decision Making

Kate Menken and María Teresa (Maite) Sánchez

17: Innovating Practices in New Immigrant Destinations: A University-School District Partnership Focused on Family Engagement

Rebecca Lowenhaupt, Jason DelPorto, and Yvonne Endara

18: Mapping Just Borders of Distributed Leadership: Micropolitics of Engaging Undocumented Latinx Organizing in an Anti-Immigrant Climate

Samantha M. Paredes Scribner, Erica Fernández, and Michael D. Corral

19: Developing Inclusive and Multilingual Family Literacy Events at Diverse Schools

Edwin Nii Bonney, Lisa M. Dorner, Lina Trigos-Carrillo, Kim Song, and Sujin Kim

Section II - Resources

Section III - District Leadership

20: The Importance of Enrollment and Graduation Planning for Adolescent Newcomer English Learners

Ryan Rumpf

21: The Better Immigrant: Seeking Genuine Inclusivity of All Immigrant Youth

Trish Morita-Mullaney

22: How Leaders Learn About the Needs of Immigrant Students in a Turbulent Time

Sarah L. Hairston, Emily R. Crawford, and Warapark Maitreephun

23: Organizing District-wide Change for Equity in a New Immigrant Destination

Megan Hopkins and Kristina Brezicha

24: Isolating or Inclusive? Educating Refugee Youth in American Schools

Jill Koyama, Khristina Haddad, and Sarah Yacoub

Section III - Resources

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Emily R. Crawford is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.

Lisa M. Dorner is Associate Professor of Educational Policy and a Faculty Fellow of the Cambio Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.


"This impressive corpus of two dozen cases will serve educational leaders across levels. Individually, the consistent and concise format makes each accessible and engaging. Collectively, the sweeping range of foci and contexts is certain to surprise, challenge, and most importantly, catalyze all educational leaders to boldly act to expand opportunities to learn for culturally and linguistically minoritized students."
- Martin Scanlan, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership & Higher Education, Boston College

"Educational Leadership for Immigrants arrives just in time, as school leaders and educators are grappling to find the best ways to serve culturally, linguistically, and legally diverse students. This book provides readers with authentic, engaging, and thought-provoking case studies for K-12 administrators and pre-service leaders in leadership preparation programs to learn about diverse immigrant student populations. It’s an excellent resource for any educator striving to do what’s best for every child and family."
- Todd Whitaker, Distinguished Adjunct Professor, PK12 Leadership, University of Missouri-Columbia and Beth Whitaker, Assistant Teaching Professor, PK12 Leadership Program Coordinator, PK12 Leadership and Policy University of Missouri-Columbia

"Educational Leadership of Immigrants makes an important contribution at a critical time in our nation’s history. Chapters provide keen insight into the essential issues school leaders of immigrant students must navigate, including issues of language, culture, race, gender, community, religion and immigration politics and policy. Educational leadership scholars and practitioners will find this to be an informative and stimulating resource."
- Michelle D. Young, Executive Director, University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), and Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Virginia

"This is the book the field needs now. With one in four students in the US the child of an immigrant, the future of our schools and our nation depends on the kinds of insights provided by this book. If you have one or more students who is the child of immigrants in your classroom, school or district (documented or undocumented) you need this book!"
- Patricia Gándara, Research Professor, Education, and Co-Director Civil Rights Project, UCLA 

"I am so grateful for this new, incredibly useful and insightful collection of case studies targeted at leadership development for immigrant and refugee students! There are examples from around the country, written in an engaging and completely approachable way, each one grounded in clear coverage of current research and followed by thought-provoking and incisive discussion questions and activities. The vignettes provide vivid windows into the life stories of immigrant/refugee students and families, the structures of inequality that plague our schools and schooling systems, and the dilemmas of practice for leaders struggling to right these wrongs and serve these brave students. Fantastic work - Bravo!"
- Deb Palmer, Professor and Program Chair, Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity, University of Colorado-Boulder

"Impressive for its depth and breadth, this terrific collection of case studies offers evidence-based best practices to provide schools and school leaders a unique roadmap for addressing a broad range of immigration-related challenges. Educational Leadership of Immigrants is a must-read for educators and policy makers alike."
- Roberto G. Gonzales, Professor of Education, Harvard University