1st Edition

Educational Systems for Disruptive Adolescents

By Keith J. Topping Copyright 1983

    In the early 1980s, concern about disruptive behaviour in secondary schools had grown, being variously regarded as a symptom of a decaying society or as a failure on the teachers’ part. One response was to ‘throw money’ at the problem and various different kinds of special schools and units had been devised to deal with disruptive adolescent pupils. Yet there was little systematic evaluation of the different options – particularly in terms of cost effectiveness.

    Originally published in 1983, this book reviews all the available research on 21 alternative systems for the education of disruptive adolescents at the time. These range from the highly expensive residential special schools to on-site adaptations which involve no extra cost. Most are based on developments in Britain and the United States and the author concludes in favour of many of the less sophisticated systems. This book will be interesting historical reading for workers and students in educational psychology, special education and educational policy.

    Preface.  Acknowledgements.  Introduction.  Part 1: Traditional Provision  1. Residential Special Schools  2. Day Special Schools  Part 2: Off-site Physical and Personnel Resources  3. Separate Units  4. Separate Units with Transition Facility  5. ‘Alternative’ Schools  6. Suspension Centres  Part 3: In-school Physical and Personnel Resources  7. Special Classes  8. Resource Rooms  9. Time-out Rooms  10. Crisis Rooms/Teachers  Part 4: In-school Personnel Resources  11. Support Teachers  12. Paraprofessionals  13. Volunteers  Part 5: External Personnel Resources  14. Itinerant Support Teachers  15. Consultants  16. Teacher Training  17. Pupil Training  18. Parent Training  Part 6: In-school Organisational Factors and the Continuum Model  19. Curriculum  20. Routine Sanctions  21. Miscellaneous  22. Resource Continua  Part 7: Conclusions  23. Summary  24. Discussion.  References.  Bibliography of Unused Items.  Bibliography of Items Unlocatable in the UK.  Index.


    Keith J. Topping