2nd Edition

Educational Technology A Definition with Commentary

Edited By Al Januszewski, Michael Molenda Copyright 2008
    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    382 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sponsored by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), this book presents a definition of the field of study and practice known as educational technology or instructional technology. It reflects the collaborative efforts of all members of the AECT Definition and Terminology Committee.

    The volume begins with the statement of the definition itself (chapter 1), followed by commentary chapters on each of the key terms and concepts contained in the definition (chapters 2-9). Chapter 10 provides historical context for the current definition by reviewing salient elements of prior AECT definitions. Chapter 11 discusses ethical considerations and chapter 12 concludes by discussing ramifications of the current definition for academic programs in educational technology.

    This book is appropriate for anyone working in the field of educational technology: students, instructors, researchers and in-service providers.

    Dedication, Preface, Acknowledgments, 1. Definition, 2. Facilitating Learning, 3. Improving Performance, 4. Creating, 5. Using, 6. Managing, 7. Processes, 8. Resources, 9. Values, 10. A History of the AECT’s Definitions of Educational Technology, 11. Professional Ethics and Educational Technology, 12. Implications for Academic Programs, Afterword, Contributors, Author Index, Subject Index


    Januszewski, Al; Molenda, Michael

    "This is a unique publication contributed by some of the best minds in educational technology....I highly recommend this book as a basic text in any educational technology course..." -- Sanjaya Mishra, British Journal of Educational Technology, 40(1), Jan 2009

    "...the book is a good resource for corporate trainers and educators in face-to-face settings, but especially for those who teach or offer training online.  The authors provide insightful discussions about education technology in each of these settings, and they bring to light many issues we take for granted or may not even consider when developing instruction using the latest technological means available to us."--Diane Martinez, Technical Communication (November 2009), Vol. 56, No. 4: 403-404