1st Edition

Educative Leadership A Practical Theory For New Administrators And Managers

Edited By P.A. Duignan, R.J.S. Macpherson Copyright 1992

    Responding to the international problem identified by the US National Commission on Excellence in Educational Administration, that the field of educational leadership lacks a "good definition", this book reports a collaboration process that produced a practical theory of educative leadership. In offering a holistic theory which deals with the abstract world of ideas and reflection, this volume shows how these ideas are translated into management practice and what happens, or what is likely to happen in such a process. The theory integrates management and evaluation with the philosophical, strategic, political and inspirational services that educative leaders give. It is aimed at lecturers in education administration/management, headteachers, MEd lecturers and students, leadership and management lecturers and students.

    Chapter 1, Introduction to Chapter 2, Chapter 2, Introduction to Chapter 3, Chapter 3, Introduction to Chapter 4, Chapter 4, Introduction to Chapter 5, Chapter 5, Introduction to Chapter 6, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 Index


    R.J.S. Macpherson, P.A. Duignan