1st Edition

Educator Wellbeing Practical Solutions to Reset, Recharge and Recover

By Madhavi Nawana Parker Copyright 2021
    114 Pages
    by Routledge

    114 Pages
    by Routledge

    Educator Wellbeing, written in response to the 2020 Global Pandemic, speaks to the long-ignored expectations that Educators live with and the impact on their wellbeing that going above and beyond to serve their students has. This book is a relatable and practical read for teachers to build tools for life, bringing their wellbeing to the forefront. It provides a toolbox of preventative and responsive strategies to help Educators look after their wellbeing so they can continue with supporting their students.

    Madhavi Nawana Parker provides a supportive and practical wellbeing framework that can be tailored to meet teachers’ unique and personal needs, and supports theory with personal vignettes to bring to life topics such as:

    • Areas for improved wellbeing in the current climate
    • Giving yourself permission to prioritise wellbeing
    • Wellbeing for Educators going forward

    A timely response to an international event with far-reaching effects, Educator Wellbeing has never been more needed by practitioners, as a contemporary answer and basis for a new tradition of supportive practice.


    Shawn Hutchinson


    Chapter One What the 2020 Global Pandemic highlighted about Educator wellbeing

    Chapter Two Resetting for healthy wellbeing

    Chapter Three Recharging your wellbeing battery

    Chapter Four A license to rest and recover

    Chapter Five Where to from here? Making wellbeing comebacks, not wellbeing ‘go backs’

    Chapter Six Stories of courage, hope and endurance: Wellbeing during crisis and challenge

    Chapter Seven Where to from here?


    Madhavi Nawana Parker is a behavioural consultant, working in schools and allied healthcare settings, specialising in building cultures of wellbeing, resilience, social-emotional intelligence and confidence. Madhavi is a keynote and public speaker, widely published author, counsellor in private practice and director of Positive Minds Australia.

    "An exceptional resource to foster resilience and support the wellbeing of Educators. The concrete strategies and experiential exercises are underpinned by proven psychological principles and presented in a dynamic and engaging manner." Chris Clements, Psychologist and Teacher, Pulteney Grammar School, South Australia

    "Acknowledging and insightful into the responsibilities and rewards experienced by Educators, this engaging book can be read from cover to cover or casually flipped open to start where it suits you. Here’s a book you will recommend to others and return to again and again." Jen Bratovic, Education Team Manager, Australia

    "An invaluable framework with a true understanding of Education, the joys of teaching and the pressures of schools. Relevant, practical and concise, full of opportunities to implement reflective practices, cultivate optimism and to reset. This incredible resource can be used for personal gain or as a leading dialogue with staff, to build a world-class culture of wellbeing." Nicolle Stephanos, Education Consultant, Australia

    "Beautifully written, hailing Educators and acknowledging the importance of preserving their wellbeing. Packed with strategies that foster strong and resilient emotional health, this is a valuable read for all Educational leaders and Educators." Ali Thomson, School Principal, South Australia