192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Focusing on the Improving Schools Project in South Wales, Effective Change in Schools explores the process of successful and substantial educational change. The 32 schools which took part in the project all made significant changes in their practice in order to improve pupil achievement. This book describes and analyses the central features of that educational transformation process.
    The authors include:
    *information about the project, its aims and purposes
    *fresh and innovative perspective on the change process in schools and the leadership and management of change
    *examination of the key aspects of school effectiveness and improvement
    *description of the strategies adopted by the schools to initiate change and an outline of the issues that the schools faced as they attempted to move forward
    *consideration of the role of leadership in educational transformation and the essence of the successful leader.
    This is an invaluable guide to anyone endeavouring to bring about change in their own school or who has an interest in educational management and leadership.

    1. Introduction 2. The Project, the Schools and the Context 3. Educational Change 4. The Challenge: the schools in the pre-acceleration stage 5. Initiating Change: moving into the acceleration stage 6. Living with Change: the acceleration stage 7. Going Strategic: the post-acceleration stage 8. The Special Role of Leadership 9. The Institutional Transformation Perspective 10. The Process of Educational Transformation 11. Some Lessons from Educational Transformation


    Chris James, Una Connolly

    '... would be a useful addition to the shelves of many educational managers. It could be particularly helpful for NPQH candidates, newly-appointed heads, and current school leaders who know that they must initiate major change projects. I wish I had read it before I took up headship!' - Janet A. Harvey, School Leadership and Management