1st Edition

Effective Primary Teaching Research-based Classroom Strategies

By Paul Croll, Nigel Hastings Copyright 1996
    160 Pages
    by David Fulton Publishers

    164 Pages
    by David Fulton Publishers

    First Published in 1996. This book is concerned with bringing the findings of educational research to bear on the practical problems faced by teachers in primary school classrooms. We take as our starting point a number of claims which we shall develop in more detail through the book: Teachers matter, relationship between teaching behaviour and educational outcomes, any attempt to improve education mist be concerned with outcomes, there is no single one 'best' approach, teaching situations have important aspects in common, teaching is a thoughtful activity that demands considerable intellectual engagement, and reflective and self-critical analysis.

    Chapter 1 Teachers Matter, Paul Croll, Nigel Hastings; Chapter 2 Teacher–Pupil Interaction in the Classroom, Paul Croll; Chapter 3 A Place for Learning, Nigel Hastings, Josh Schwieso, Kevin Wheldall; Chapter 4 Group Work and Co-operative Learning, Maurice Galton; Chapter 5 Classroom Motivation, Nigel Hastings; Chapter 6 Effective Classroom Behaviour Management, Nigel Hastings, Kevin Wheldall; Chapter 7 Teaching Reading in the Primary Classroom, Rhona Stainthorp; Chapter 8 Special Educational Needs, Diana Moses; Chapter 9 Differentiation? Working with More Able Children, Rosemary Ayles; Chapter 10 Teaching and Research, Paul Croll;


    Paul Croll, Nigel Hastings