1st Edition

Efficiency and Bureaucratisation of Criminal Justice Global Trends

Edited By Ed Johnston, Anna Pivaty Copyright 2023

    This book tackles the growing issues concerning the managerialism and bureacratisation of criminal justice systems across a number of jurisdictions. Here, managerialism means the move towards more standardised, bureaucratic and efficiency-driven systems, influenced by a desire to ensure predictability, control risks and, ultimately, economic savings via a more efficient process. The volume explores the phenomenon of managerialism in selected national criminal legal systems, covering all stages of criminal case processing from arrest to the imposition of sanction. The selected countries represent diverse socio-economic, political, cultural and legal traditions including common law, civil law, mixed common and civil law and post-Soviet tradition. The book engages with a variety of relevant theoretical concepts, such as fairness, rationality, efficiency and legitimacy. The authors critically examine whether and to what extent the trend towards managerialism is indeed discernible, and what are its likely effects in the given national criminal legal systems. The book will be of interest to students, researchers and practitioners working in the areas of comparative criminal justice and procedure.

    Foreword – Professor Jackie Hodgson

    Introduction – Anna Pivaty and Ed Johnston

    Chapter 1 – Judging the Offender: French Criminal Justice Culture and the Challenges of McDonaldization – Laurene Soubise

    Chapter 2 - New Public Management in the Dutch criminal justice chain: the effects of stratification and automation in out-of-court proceedings – Joep Lindeman and Nina Holvast

    Chapter 3 - Introducing abstaining from prosecution and plea bargaining in Greece: reforms towards the quest for efficiency - Chara Chioni-Chotouman

    Chapter 4 - Bureaucratising Criminal Convictions in China – Enshen Li

    Chapter 5 - ‘Through the back door’: defence perspectives on the rise of managerialism at the expense of adversarial justice – Ed Johnston and Tom Smith

    Chapter 6 - New Public Management and the role of Dutch trial judge: a critical appraisal of the possible impact - Anna Pivaty and Marieke Dubelaar

    Chapter 7 - Domestic Abuse Cases and Packer’s Conundrum: Managing Risk – Emma Forbes


    Ed Johnston is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Procedure at the University of Northampton, UK.

    Anna Pivaty is Assistant Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology at Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.