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Routledge Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice and Procedure

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This series deals with aspects of criminal justice and procedure in both practical and theoretical terms. Books may examine issues such as the use of police powers, the rights of the suspect during the police investigation, access to legal advice and the trial process. Many jurisdictions have seen substantial changes to their criminal justice systems which often have ramifications for due process safeguards. From a theoretical standpoint, the series invites analyses of the way in which different jurisdictions make changes to their justice systems, highlighting and examining the ramifications of such changes. The series welcomes contributions from scholars from all jurisdictions thereby creating an opportunity for novel cross-jurisdictional scholarly collaboration.

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The Law of Disclosure A Perennial Problem in Criminal Justice

The Law of Disclosure: A Perennial Problem in Criminal Justice

1st Edition

Edited By Ed Johnston, Tom Smith
December 18, 2020

This edited collection explores the topic of disclosure of evidence and information in the criminal justice process.  The book critically analyses the major issues driving the long-standing problem of dysfunctional disclosure practice, with contributions from academics, lawyers, former police ...

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