1st Edition

Electron Microscopy and Analysis 2001

Edited By M. Aindow, C. J. Kiely Copyright 2001

    Electron microscopy is now a mainstay characterization tool for solid state physicists and chemists as well as materials scientists. Electron Microscopy and Analysis 2001 presents a useful snapshot of the latest developments in instrumentation, analysis techniques, and applications of electron and scanning probe microscopies. The book is ideal for materials scientists, solid state physicists and chemists, and researchers in these areas who want to keep abreast of the state of the art in the field.

    Plenary Lectures
    HREM and Electron Crystallography
    Advanced SEM and Surface Science
    New Instrumentation, Imaging, and Analysis
    Ferrous Metals and Intermetallics
    Advanced Microanalysis and Elemental Imaging
    Carbons, Ceramics, and Composites
    Microscopy of Interfaces and Surfaces
    Catalysts, Sensors, and Environmental Materials
    Semiconductors, Superconductors, and Magnetic Materials
    Scanning Probe Microscopy
    Author Index
    Subject Index


    M. Aindow. C.J. Kiely, Dept of Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK.

    "… full of up-to-date information in the field of electron microscopy from some of the most prominent scientists in the field. It illustrates the great breadth the field has to date."
    -MSA Institute of Neuroscience, Microscopy and Microanalysis Journal, vol. 8, no. 5

    "The 520 pages of the proceedings maintain the high standard of the series … There are interesting papers throughout but ultramicroscopists will turn first to the sections on HREM, advanced SEM, and instrumentation. They will not be disappointed."
    -Ultramicroscopy 93 (2002)

    "This book contains 127 papers, arranged in 10 well-balanced sections rather than chapters, about the latest developments in instrumentation, techniques, and applications of electron and scanning probe microscopies, together with associated techniques such as surface analysis. This comprehensive and valuable book is a great reference for biologists, material scientists, and geologists dealing with electron microscopy. It mainly contains two types of papers: technical communications (reviews of existing techniques and newly developed methods) and scientific communications. It extensively covers all recent advances in electron microscopy, both from scientific and technical viewpoints. I would recommend this book to all well-experienced scientists involved in microscopy analysis since there are many advanced topics together with advanced techniques."
    -Dr. Alexis Oudin, Microscopy and Analysis, May 2003

    "One of the most striking features in this conference is the great number of multinational papers. This, I believe, once again confirms the universality of science … All the papers contain high-quality micrographs and diagrams, and I think that all the investigations are invaluable since they are all original and novel. The best way to follow the latest developments and improvements in a scientific field is to have the proceedings of a conference in that field, and this volume is one of the best in the arena … . The book will be useful especially for materials scientists and advanced microscope users in all fields."
    -A. Uguz (Uladag University), Contemporary Physics, 2003, 44