Electronics, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics, Microwaves, Electromagnetics, and Radar  book cover
1st Edition

Electronics, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics, Microwaves, Electromagnetics, and Radar

ISBN 9780849373398
Published January 13, 2006 by CRC Press
888 Pages 601 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In two editions spanning more than a decade, The Electrical Engineering Handbook stands as the definitive reference to the multidisciplinary field of electrical engineering. Our knowledge continues to grow, and so does the Handbook. For the third edition, it has expanded into a set of six books carefully focused on a specialized area or field of study. Electronics, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics, Microwaves, Electromagnetics, and Radar represents a concise yet definitive collection of key concepts, models, and equations in these areas, thoughtfully gathered for convenient access.

Electronics, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics, Microwaves, Electromagnetics, and Radar delves into the fields of electronics, integrated circuits, power electronics, optoelectronics, electromagnetics, light waves, and radar, supplying all of the basic information required for a deep understanding of each area. It also devotes a section to electrical effects and devices and explores the emerging fields of microlithography and power electronics. Articles include defining terms, references, and sources of further information.

Encompassing the work of the world’s foremost experts in their respective specialties, Electronics, Power Electronics, Optoelectronics, Microwaves, Electromagnetics, and Radar features the latest developments, the broadest scope of coverage, and new material in emerging areas.

Table of Contents

.     Physical Properties; Gennady Sh. Gildenblat and Boris Gelmont
.     Diodes; Miran Milkovic
.     Electrical Equivalent Circuit Models and Device Simulators for Semiconductor Devices; Aicha Elshabini-Riad, F.W. Stephenson, and Imran A. Bhutta
Semiconductor Manufacturing
.     Processes; Harold G. Parks
.     Testing; Wayne Needham
.     Electrical Characterization of Interconnections; S. Rajaram
.     Microlithography for Microfabrication; Benjamin Y. Park, Rabih Zaouk, and Marc J. Madou
.     Junction Field-Effect Transistors; Sidney Soclof
.     Bipolar Transistors; Joseph Watson
.     The Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET); John R. Brews (revised by Harvey J. Stiegler)
.     Single Electron Transistors; James E. Morris
Integrated Circuits
.     Integrated Circuit Technology; Joe E. Brewer
.     Layout, Placement, and Routing; Mehdi R. Zargham and Spyros Tragoudas
.     Application-Specific Integrated Circuits; S.K. Tewksbury
.     Low-Power Design Techniques; Christian Piguet
Surface Mount Technology; Glenn R. Blackwell
Ideal and Practical Models; E.J. Kennedy and John V. Wait
.     Large Signal Analysis; Gordon L. Carpenter
.     Small Signal Analysis; John Choma, Jr.
Active Filters
.     Synthesis of Low-Pass Forms; John E. Ayers
.     Realization; J.W. Steadman and B.M. Wilamowski
Power Electronics
.     Power Semiconductor Devices; Andrew Marshall
.     Power Conversion; Kaushik Rajashekara
.     Power Supplies; Ashoka K.S. Bhat
.     Converter Control of Machines; Bimal K. Bose
.     Photoconductive Devices in Power Electronics; Sudip K. Mazumder, Tirthajyoti Sarkar, Mitra Dutta, and Michael S. Mazzola
.     Nonlinear Control of Interactive Power-Electronics Systems; Sudip K. Mazumder
.     Uninterruptible Power Supplies; Ayse E. Amac and Ali Emadi
.     Lasers; Jeff Hecht
.     Sources and Detectors; Laurence S. Watkins
.     Circuits; R.A. Becker
D/A and A/D Converters
.     Introduction; Fang Lin Luo and Hong Ye
.     D/A and A/D Circuits; Fang Lin Luo, Hong Ye, and Susan A.R. Garrod
.     DAC and ADC Performance Criteria; Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye
.     Errors, Resolution, Noises, and Conversion Speed; Fang Lin Luo and Hong Ye
.     D/A Conversion Processes and DAC ICs; Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye
.     A/D Conversion Processes and ADC ICs; Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye
.     Grounding and Bypassing on D/A and A/D ICs; Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye
.     Selection Criteria for D/A and A/D Converter ICs; Susan A.R. Garrod, Fang Lin Luo, and Hong Ye
Digital and Analog Electronic Design Automation; Allen Dewey
Electronic Data Analysis Using PSPICE and MATLAB; John Okyere Attia
Electromagnetic Fields; Banmali S. Rawat and Moncef B. Tayahi
Magnetism and Magnetic Fields
.     Magnetism; Geoffrey Bate
.     Magnetic Recording; Mark H. Kryder
Wave Propagation
.     Space Propagation; Matthew N.O. Sadiku
.     Waveguides; Kenneth Demarest
.     Wire; Nicholas J. Kolias and Richard C. Compton
.     Aperture; J. Patrick Fitch
.     The Fresnel Zone Plate Antenna; James C. Wiltse
Microwave Devices
.     Passive Microwave Devices; Michael B. Steer
.     Active Microwave Devices; Robert J. Trew
.     Grounding, Shielding, and Filtering; Leland H. Hemming and Ken Kaiser
.     Spectrum, Specifications, and Measurement Techniques; Halit Eren and Bert Wong
.     Lightning; Martin A. Uman
.     Pulse Radar; Melvin L. Belcher and Josh T. Nessmith
.     Continuous Wave Radar; Samuel O. Piper and James C. Wiltse
.     Lightwave Waveguides; Samuel O. Agbo
.     Optical Fibers and Cables; Gerd Keiser
Solid State Circuits; Ian D. Robertson and Inder J. Bahl
Computational Electromagnetics; Matthew N.O. Sadiku and Sudarshan Rao Nelatury
Electrical Effects and Devices
Electroacoustic Transducers; Peter H. Rogers, Charles H. Sherman, and Mark B. Moffett
Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Materials; K.F. Etzold
Electrostriction; R. Yimnirun, V. Sundar, and Robert E. Newnham
The Hall Effect; Alexander C. Ehrlich
Superconductivity; Kevin A. Delin and Terry P. Orlando
Dielectrics and Insulators; R. Bartnikas
Mathematics, Symbols, and Physical Constants
Introduction; Ronald J. Tallarida
.     Greek Alphabet
.     International System of Units (SI)
.     Conversion Constants and Multipliers
.     Physical Constants
.     Symbols and Terminology for Physical and Chemical Quantities
.     Credits
.     Probability for Electrical and Computer Engineers; Charles W. Therrien

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