Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing V  book cover
1st Edition

Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing V

ISBN 9780415621311
Published January 26, 2012 by CRC Press
526 Pages

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Book Description

Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods have dominated most of the fields of applied research and technology over the last twenty years. These techniques provide information on the functional efficiency of materials and structures without causing any structural impact on the structure itself. Their use enables the monitoring of the structural integrity, the structural condition as well as the service in-duced degradation of materials and structures during their service life. In this respect, they address a vast field of applications ranging from the aerospace and automotive industry to civil engineering structures and material
quality control.

This volume comprises scientific papers presented during the Fifth Conference on Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing (Ioannina, Greece, 19–21 September 2011). A broad spectrum of related research was presented during the course of the conference, including optical, acoustic, thermal, electrical and electromagnetic methods together with imaging tomographic and signal processing techniques. Special attention was given to NDE for Civil Engineering Structures and for the first time in the conference series, a multiple session on NDE for the protection of cultural heritage was organized.

Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing V contains contributions by experts in this field from 22 different countries worldwide. Reflecting the stateof-the-art in Non-Destructive Evaluation, the book will prove to be a valuable companion to students, engineers and industrial partners who are active in the field of non-destructive evaluation and testing. This volume will also provide students and researchers with insight into the focal points of contemporary research efforts in the field of non-destructive evaluation.

Table of Contents

Plenary lectures

Nondestructive evaluation, structural health monitoring and optical diagnostics at NASA Glenn: A summary, G.Y. Baaklini
Visualized impact-echo technique for defects in concrete by SIBIE procedure, M. Ohtsu, T. Sonoda & M. Yamada
Structural health monitoring for aircraft, ground transportation vehicles, wind turbines and pipes—prognosis, N. Meyendorf, B. Frankenstein & L. Schubert

NDT in diagnostics & protection of cultural heritage

Application of ground penetrating radar for the assessment of the decay state of Hagia Sophia’s mosaics, A.I. Moropoulou, K.C. Labropoulos & N.S. Katsiotis
Assessment of cleaning interventions on marble surfaces using pulsed thermography, E.T. Delegou, M. Krokida, N.P. Avdelidis & A.I. Moropoulou
Contribution of NDT to the sustainable preservation of the Church of Santa Maria in Gradi, Viterbo, Italy, S. Cancellieri & M. Poggi
Investigation strategies for the diagnosis of historic structures, A. Saisi, L. Cantini & L. Binda
Radar-based vibration measurement on historic masonry towers, C. Gentile & A. Saisi
Dynamic testing of historic iron bridge at different levels of excitation, C. Gentile & A. Saisi
NDT characterization of ancient glass objects from the Aegean with an approach of the manufacturing technique, E. Cheilakou, N. Liarokapi & M. Koui
Image analysis for artistic style identification: A powerful tool for preserving cultural heritage, A.D. Doulamis & T.A. Varvarigou
Application of IR thermography to damage characterization of structures and the diagnosis of historic monuments, E.Z. Kordatos, D.A. Exarchos, T.E. Matikas, C. Stavrakos & A.I. Moropoulou
Iron based and other ancient pigments for pottery decoration, G. Mastrotheodoros, K.G. Beltsios & N. Zacharias
A new non-destructive technological approach for fragile archaeological finds, P. Negri

On-site measurement & monitoring by NDT in infrastructures

Damage identification of PC cable breakage by means of acoustic emission, T. Shiotani, Y. Oshima, M. Goto & S. Momoki
Mesh-independent ray-trace algorithm for concrete structures, Y. Kobayashi
Influence of the fiber chemical coating on the fracture behavior of steel fiber concrete measured by acoustic emission, D.G. Aggelis, D.V. Soulioti, N.M. Barkoula, A.S. Paipetis & T.E. Matikas
Onsite measurements of concrete structures using Impact-Echo and Impulse Response, J.S. Clausen, N. Zoidis & A. Knudsen
A study on the structural stability of the Asinelli Tower in Bologna, A. Carpinteri, G. Lacidogna, A. Manuello & G. Niccolini
Visual inspection and evaluation using NDT testing methods of industrial building after fire, E. Tatsis, N. Zoidis, C. Vlachopoulos, T.E. Matikas & A. Gotzamanis
Concrete compressive strength estimation in-situ at precast beams using direct and indirect testing methods according to EN 13791 137, A. Gkotzamanis, N. Zoidis, T.E. Matikas, E. Tatsis & C. Vlachopoulos
AE monitoring of shrinkage process in concrete, M. Ohtsu, T. Matsuo, S. Nozaki & Y. Kawasaki
Acoustic emission behavior during corrosion process in reinforced concrete in proof of EPMA, Y. Kawasaki, M. Kitaura, T. Kobarai & M. Ohtsu
Quantitative evaluation of impact force on impact-echo method, M. Yamada, T. Sonoda & M. Ohtsu

Sensors and structural health monitoring

The use of chirped fibre Bragg grating sensors to monitor delaminations in composite materials and structures, S.L. Ogin, A.D. Crocombe, T.F. Capell, A.R. Sanderson, R.L. Rito, Y. Guo, S.C. Tjin & B. Lin
Structural Health Monitoring in an operational airliner: Results on the implementation of percolation sensors achieved within the European Project: “Aircraft Integrated Structural Health Assessment II (AISHA II)”, H. Pfeiffer, M. Patitsa, I. Pitropakis & M. Wevers
Cure monitoring of cross-ply composite laminates with an encapsulated fibre Bragg grating, G. Luyckx, N. Lammens, J. Degrieck & E. Voet
Advanced NDT techniques for damage detection in a honeycomb composite helicopter tailboom, W. Hillger, A. Szewieczek, D. Schmidt, M. Sinapius, I. Jorge Aldave, P. Venegas Bosom & L. Vega González
On the use of a CFBG sensor to monitor scarf repairs of composite panels, R.L. Rito, S.L. Ogin, A.D. Crocombe, T.F. Capell, A.R. Sanderson, Y. Guo, S.C. Tjin & B. Lin
The use of flat coil sensors and impedance spectroscopy for fatigue crack monitoring of Al 2024-T3 plates, I. Pitropakis, H. Pfeiffer & M. Wevers
In-situ local strain measurement in textile composites with embedded optical fibre sensors, S. Daggumati, E. Voet, I. De Baere, W. Van Paepegem, J. Degrieck, J. Xu, S. Lomov & I. Verpoest
The use of a polarimetric fibre sensor to detect impact damage in aircraft composites, I. Pitropakis, H. Pfeiffer & M. Wevers


A comparative study on novelty detection and frequency analysis of Lamb waves for the monitoring of metallic repaired structures, S. Pavlopoulou, W.J. Staszewski & C. Soutis
Detection and characterization of surface defects in metals using surface waves, N. Netshidavhini & B.R. Mabuza
Inspection for flaws in steel using ultrasonic testing and fracture mechanics approach, B.R. Mabuza & N. Netshidavhini
Methods for detection and cleaning of fouling in pipelines, Ignacio Garcia de Carellan, Phil Catton, Cem Selcuk & Tat-Hean Gan
Ultrasonic guided waves propagation in complex structures, Y. Gharaibeh & N. Lee
Exploiting time reversal principles for the accurate determination of longitudinal and shear material velocities, E.N. Janssen & K. Van Den Abeele
Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy as a tool for noninvasive examination of Zirconia head of hip prosthesis, A. Savin, R. Grimberg, M.L. Craus & P. Botez
New opportunities for ultrasonic characterization of stiffness anisotropy in composite materials, I. Solodov, P. Fey & G. Busse
Ultrasonic characterization of materials using Laser Doppler Vibrometer measurements: A multi-input approach, R. Longo, S. Vanlanduit, A. Nila & P. Guillaume
Preliminary results on non-contact characterisation of weathered mineral materials by surface acoustic waves, P. Fey, D. Döring, G. Busse, J. Frick & F. Grüner
Experimental and numerical polar scans of several anisotropic materials using pulsed and harmonic ultrasonic beams, M. Kersemans, I. De Baere, W. Van Paepegem, J. Degrieck, F. Zastavnik, J. Gu & H. Sol
Damage monitoring of composite laminates using ultrasonics, A.S. Paipetis, D.G. Aggelis, N.M. Barkoula, T.E. Matikas & N. Melanitis

Non linear NDT

Filters, transducers, and receivers for nonlinear acoustic measurements, G. Petersen & B. Chick
Finite element simulations of Contact Acoustic Nonlinearities (CANs), S. Delrue & K. Van Den Abeele
Defect localization using the nonlinear impact modulation technique, B. Van Damme & K. Van Den Abeele
Imaging multiple defects in solids by means of selective source reduction and time reversed acoustics, E.N. Janssen & K. Van Den Abeele
Multi-frequency defect-selective nonlinear imaging and NDT, I. Solodov, P. Fey & G. Busse

Acoustic emmission

AE monitoring at laser cutting, T. Kek & J. Grum
Acoustic emission analysis for corrosion pitting of MgCl2 droplet, M. Shiwa, H. Masuda, H. Yamawaki, K. Ito & M. Enoki
Fracture properties of nanosilica-based cement mortars monitored by acoustic emission, Chr. Ioannou, A. Iliadou, D.G. Aggelis, N.M. Barkoula & T.E. Matikas
Acoustic emission monitoring of wheel sets on moving trains, K. Bollas, D. Papasalouros, D. Kourousis & A. Anastasopoulos
Health monitoring of operating wind turbine blades with acoustic emission, N. Tsopelas, D. Kourousis, I. Ladis, A. Anastasopoulos, D.J. Lekou & F. Mouzakis
Real-time damage location and assessment in composite structures with acoustic emission, D. Papasalouros, D. Kourousis, A. Anastasopoulos, C. Ennaceur & P.T. Cole

Electrical methods

Electrical resistance measurement for in situ health monitoring of carbon nanotube/polymer composites, C. Pandis, G. Georgoussis, V. Peoglos, A. Kyritsis, P. Pissis, P. Georgiopoulos & E. Kontou
Strain and damage sensing in carbon fiber polymer-matrix composite by electrical resistance measurement, C. Pandis, G. Georgoussis, V. Peoglos, A. Kyritsis, P. Pissis, P. Georgiopoulos & E. Kontou
Damage sensing of carbon nanotubes embedded glass fiber composites based on electrical resistance change, S.-B. Lee, J.W. Yi, S.-K. Lee, J.-H. Byun, E.T. Thostenson & T.-W. Chu
Electric and magnetic brain activity. Disjoint or overlaping information?, G. Dassios
Non destructive evaluation of artificially induced damage in composite structures using electrical resistance/potential mapping, Andreas Ampatzoglou, Antonis Vavouliotis, Athanasios Baltopoulos & Vassilis Kostopoulos
Electrical tomography as a tool for non-destructive assessment of composite structures, Athanasios Baltopoulos, Antonios Vavouliotis, Vassilis Kostopoulos, Nick Polydorides & Laurent Pambaguian
On line monitoring of damage during fatigue loading of composite patch repair of composite structures, A. Vavouliotis, T.H. Loutas, G. Sotiriadis & V. Kostopoulos
Electrical resistance and electrical potential studies for the detection and monitoring of damage in hybrid composites, S.A. Grammatikos & A.S. Paipetis

Imaging & signal processing

Damage detection of steel bridge girder using Artificial Neural Networks, S.J.S. Hakim & H. Abdul Razak
Atomic force microscopy quantitative and qualitative nanoscale characterization of collagen thin films, A. Stylianou, D. Yova & K. Politopoulos
Determination of linear thermal expansion coefficient by using digital image correlation, J. Blom, J. Van Ackeren, B. Belkassem & J. Wastiels
Improving TOFD sizing of near surface defects by wavelet transform, J.M.A. Rebello & R.M. Almeida
Noninvasive method for establishing the diffused hydrogen content in Zirconium Alloy used in PHWR, R. Grimberg, A. Savin, R. Steigmann, M.L. Craus & M.C. Ruch
Digital methods for flakiness and shape definition, E. Profitis, E. Chatzitheodoridis & D. Xirouchakis
Experimentally induced errors in Digital Image Correlation measurement of small strains with large gradients, I. De Baere, W. Van Paepegem, N. Lammens, P. Lava, D. Debruyne, C. Cofaru, W. Philips & J. Degrieck
Characterisation of the local fibre volume content nearby moulded holes in textile-reinforced thermoplastic components, W. Hufenbach, N. Modler, A. Winkler & R. Kupfer
Modeling GPR data to understand the problems in rebar size measurements, L. Zanzi
The application of information processing techniques towards an effective on line prognostic scheme for rotating machinery, D. Roulias, T.H. Loutas & V. Kostopoulos

Inspection methods

The necessity of lift inspections in Greece, S.S. Kalligeros
Experimental study on the strain contribution of horizontal and vertical web reinforced bar of HSSCC deep beams, M. Mohammadhassani, M.Z. Jumaat, M. Jameel, S.J.S. Hakim & N. Abdollahi
NDT and safety of crude oil storage tanks, M.S. Kovačević, A. Mirčeta & D. Marčić
Detection of radial cracks at fastener holes by either eddy current or line heating stimulated thermography, N.J. Siakavellas & N. Tsopelas
Apparatus for measuring of liquid conductivity, J. Skramlik, M. Novotny & K. Suhajda
Electromagnetic wave absorbing properties of composites with hollow magnetic fibers, J.W. Yi, H.S. Choe, J.B. Kim, S.-B. Lee, S.-K. Lee & O.O. Park
Automated system for non-destructive testing of structure and stress state of metallic materials, G.S. Velev, Y. Ivanova, A.G. Markovski & B.G. Velev
Visual inspection and evaluation using NDT testing methods of extensively cracked concrete floor, N. Zoidis, E. Tatsis, C. Vlachopoulos, J.S. Clausen, T.E. Matikas, D.G. Aggelis & A. Gkotzamanis

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