1st Edition

Emerging Trends in Smart Societies Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    "Emerging Trends in Smart Societies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives" is an intellectual mosaic stemming from the inaugural HMSS 23 conference. This anthology intricately weaves together insights from luminaries spanning humanities and management, reshaping the very essence of smart societies. It captures the fusion of diverse disciplines, offering novel solutions vital for sustainable, digitally evolved futures.

    Contained within these pages is a roadmap for societal progress, fostering collaborative exchanges and visionary discussions pioneered by HMSS 23. Set on an innovative virtual platform, this collection transcends borders, embracing inclusivity and fostering the exchange of transformative ideas.

    Dive into this compendium to grasp the essence of interdisciplinary dialogue shaping the landscapes of future societies. Immerse in the transformative potential of collective wisdom propelling us towards a future where diverse perspectives blend harmoniously to craft resilient, innovative, and interconnected smart societies.

    1. Sales Promotion, Advertising and Product Appeal: Effects on Customer Impulsive Buying Behavior
    Alden O. Obuyes, Rayan C. Soriano, Mark Justine P. Vicera, Rock Bryan B. Matias and Cresilda M. Bragas
    2. Government’s and Community’s Role for Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem
    (Case Study: Ecomarine Muara Angke Mangrove Vegetation)
    Adelina, Achmad Husen and Diana Vivanti Sigit
    3. Top 5 Issues Facing the American Outdated Criminal Justice System and Recommendations
    toward Resolving these Issues in 2023
    Phillip D. Clingan
    4. Role of Women Entrepreneurship in Economic Empowerment of Women: A Quantitative Investigation
    Arun Mittal, Bhavani. M. R., Madhusmita Tripathy, Vidhu Gupta
    5. The Charity Model as a Tool for Disability Liberation in Indonesia
    Imanuel Teguh Harisantoso, Sony Kristiantoro, Yosep Heristyo Endro Baruno and
    Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono
    6. The Effectiveness of Blended Learning for Preparatory Students in Mathematics during Covid-19
    Saoussen Kouki, Lubna Tarif, Sameh Turki and Raghed Basager
    7. GOI Online Public Transportation System’s Customer Attitude related to Social Media
    Marketing and Brand Credibility
    Grace Citra Dewi, Rismawati, Hartono, Denny Bernardus and Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono
    8. Overcoming the Challenges: A Study on the Well-Being, Learning, and Motivation of
    Teachers of a Private University in Smart Cities of Gujarat State
    Parulkumari Bhati
    9. Fuzzy Sets and Interrogation Techniques for Police Resource Optimisation
    Aaditya Gore and Anuradha Parasar
    10. A Theoretical Model for the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Business-to-Business Marketing
    Kannan Nova, Vartika Kulshrestha, Velumani P. S. andKavita P. Moholkar
    11. Perspectives of Workers on using Chatbots in Business-to-business Marketing: Possibilities and Challenges
    Vartika Kulshrestha, Karan R. Jagdale, M. R. Vanithamani and M. Gowri
    12. A Novel Social Media Data Analytics Framework for Efficient Decision-making in Business
    Adarsh M. J., Vartika Kulshrestha, Karan R. Jagdale and K. Kavitha
    13. Effective Human Resource Management’s Implications on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
    A. Anbazhagan, Sujit Kumar Acharya, Juliet Gladies Jayasuria and Smriti Tandon Gupta
    14. Effect of Developing Self-regulated Approaches on English Language Learners’ Writing Abilities
    D. Saravanan, S. Varalakshmi, Ashu Tomar and B. S. Gomathi
    15. Improving HRM’s Contribution to Responsible Business Practices and Ecological Sustainability:
    A Statistical Analysis
    S. Raja, Vijaya Lakshmi V., Sonam Arora and Kartikeya Raina
    16. Emotional Intelligence, Grit, Academic Performance Across First and Continuing Generation
    Undergraduate Engineering Students
    A. Karvendhan and K. N. Jayakumar
    17. Application of Social Media in Business-io-Business Marketing Under the Perspective of Marketing Process
    A. Ravisankar, V. P. Sriram, B. Shanmuga Priya and Priti Sharma
    18. Enhancing Speaking Abilities Through Student-Student Interactions
    D. Saravanan, Christy Peter, Ashu Tomar and Pravin P.
    19. Quantitative Need Analysis on Grammar Readiness through Technology by Preservice Teachers
    Shruthi S. and Aravind B. R.
    20. Digital Revolution and the Resilience: Integrated Field Experiences of Online Teaching in India
    Chandrakant Baviskar, Rajkumar Nanaware, Sandeep Patil and Aniket Muley
    21. Assessing the Use of Social Constructivism and Contextualization for Vocabulary Instruction to
    Engineering Students
    Aravind B. R., Bhuvaneswari G. and Shruthi S.
    22. Remapping ‘Smart Society’ in Indigenous Worldview: An Anthropomorphic Reading in
    Select Santal Folktales
    Arpita Raj
    23. Effect of Social Media Addiction on Quality of Sleep and Academic Performance in College Students
    Jeffrin Margreat, Madalaimuthu Anthony and Edwin Joseph
    24. Online Dating and Social Change in India: A Sociological Exploration
    Pratham Parekh
    25. A Reign of Monsters: Majoritarianism and Binary Dichotomy in ‘The Man in the High Castle’
    Shajith M. S. and G. Bhuvaneswari
    26. Trends in Digital Mental Health and AI-therapy: A Bibliometric Analysis
    Madalaimuthu Anthony
    27. Investigation on Data Management of Corporate Financial Accounting Systems Based on Big Data
    Prerak Sudan
    28. Analysis of Risk Mitigation Strategies of Microfinance Institutions to Enhance Financial Performance
    Takveer Singh
    29. From Foodimals to Smart Cities: Exploring Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs through Meta
    Humanistic Approach
    Sri Takshara K. and G. Bhuvaneswari
    30. Socio Psychological Aspects of Digital Transformation—Case Studies
    G. Bhuvaneswari, Rashmi Rekha Borah and B. R. Aravind
    31. A Structural Equation Modeling Strategy to Analyze Relationship between Financial Attitude,
    Behavior, and Literacy
    Ramesh Saini
    32. Study on the Impact of Liquidity Risk Management on Commercial Banks’ Financial Behavior
    Manisha Chandna
    33. A mixed-method Analysis of the Determinants Affecting Human Resource Development in Organizations
    Sanjay Bhatnagar
    34. Investigation of the Connection between HRM Systems and Organizational Growth in the Industrial Sector
    Raman Verma and Ananva Sharma
    35. Application of Human Resource Management system in Developing Leadership and Creativity
    in the Workplace
    Sachin Mittal
    36. Green Human Resource Management for Employee Management and Sustainability Practices
    Tannmay Gupta
    37. Environment Sustainability of Indigenous Women in ‘Smart Society’: An Analysis of Selected Works of
    Mahasweta Devi
    Bholanath Das, Sahel Md Delabul Hossain and Arjita Raj
    38. Application of Digital Marketing and its Impact on Marketing Behavior in the Industrial Sectors
    Abhiraj Malhotra
    39. Impact of Green Marketing on Organizational Fame: A Content Analysis Approach
    Amanveer Singh
    40. Perceived Parental Academic Monitoring Across Socially Disadvantaged Adolescents: Variations among
    Demographics, Consequence on Academic Performance
    Sourav Choudhury and Vijay Kumar Chechi
    41. Urbanization of Film Industry: Contemporary Dynamics of Digitalization Project Digital Divide
    Archetype on Rural Audiences
    Neil Beeto Jerrin and G. Bhuvaneswarib
    42. An Exploration of Social Identity and Privacy: Influence of Social Media Usage Among Women
    Aiswarya Thamanna and R. Subramani
    43. Implications for Market Advantage and Firm Performance of SMEs Driven by Market-Oriented
    and Innovative Strategies
    Danish Kundra
    44. An Empirical Analysis of Digital Marketing Activities that Improve Customer Interest and
    Anubhav Bhalla
    45. Role of Educational Leadership towards Smart Societies: Challenges and Opportunities
    Benjamin Kodai Kaje, Kennedy Andrew Thomas and K. Krelo Peter Kajeo
    46. Analysis of Factors Influencing the Growth of Global E-commerce in the Context of Globalization
    Abhinav Rathour
    47. Role of Tribal Leaders for Forest Sustainability in Manipur
    Benjamin Kodai Kaje, Kennedy Andrew Thomas and K. Krelo Peter Kajeo
    48. Investigation on Effects of External Variables on Urban E-commerce Markets and
    Environmental Consequences
    Ravi Kumar
    49. A study on the Influence of Customer Satisfaction Degree on the Effectiveness of E-Commerce
    Rishabh Bhardwaj
    50. Operations Management and Entrepreneurship: Operations Control’s Moderating Influence on
    Entrepreneurial Behavior and Innovativeness
    51. Operations Management Quantitative Simulation Research: Background, Characteristics,
    and Future Directions
    Ankit Punia
    52. An Exploratory Study of the Influence of Environmental Variables on Operations Management and
    53. Analysis of the Interrelationships between Operational Management Principles
    Aashim Dhawan
    54. A Comprehensive Study of the Effect of Entrepreneurial Activity on Economic Growth
    Rahul Thakur
    55. Gamifying ethics: Analysing the possibility of Educating Ethics to Students through Video Games
    E. Edhaya Chandran and Gnana Sanga Mithra S.
    56. Psychometric Properties and Factor Structure of the Teachers’ Basic ICT Competence Belief Scale
    in a Sample of Indian Teachers: Scale Validation
    Sourav Choudhury and Vijay Kumar Chechi
    57. Insights from a Case Study on the Impact of Social and Human Resources on Entrepreneurship
    Nimesh Raj
    58. A Comprehensive Analysis and Research Framework on Social Entrepreneurship as a Factor of
    Sustainable Development
    Nittin Sharma
    59. Social Entrepreneurship and Industrialization: A Meta-analysis of the Emerging Sector
    Takveer Singh
    60. Risk Management: An Investigation of Evolving Concerns about Human Resources during the
    COVID-19 Epidemic
    Saksham Sood
    61. Organizational Risk Management Strategies as a Mediator Between Strategic Planning and Enterprise
    Prerak Sudan
    62. A Systematic Analysis of Future Perspectives for Risk Management in Small and Medium-sized
    Ramesh Saini
    63. An Analysis of the Correlation between Business Risk Management and the Capitalization Cost
    Manisha Chandna
    64. Influencing Factors on Financial Management: A Critical Analysis Based on Case Study
    Saksham Sood
    65. A Meta-analysis of Emerging Market for Determining Variables Influencing Audit Quality
    Aseem Aneja
    66. A Study of the Predictors of E-Commerce Satisfaction in a Social-Commerce Environment
    Pooja Sharma
    67. Social Commerce Data Exchange and its Effects on Customers—An Empirical Analysis
    Savinder Kaur
    68. Analyzing Strategic Approaches for Developing Human Resources to Boost Worker Productivity in
    Girish Kalele
    69. Comprehensive Interpretation of Crowdsourced Data Analytics: Crowdfunding Context on
    Entrepreneurship for Smart Societies
    Kukatlapalli Pradeep Kumar, Vinay Jha Pillai, Pawanjeet Singh Thinda, Lydia Mary Avina and
    P Mani Jospeh
    70. Retail Customer Perception of Eastern India’s Transition to a Gas-Based Economy: A Supply
    Chain Perspective for Ecological Modernization
    Asim Prasad, Anita Kumar and Niti Nandini Chatnani
    71. Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Technologies in Education among the Younger Generations
    Ningchuiliu Gangmei and Kennedy Andrew Thomas
    72. Semiotic Analysis of Global Warming Awareness in Advertising: A Case Study of Ice Cream Print
    Sathvika. R. and Rajasekaran. V
    73. Theory U on Leadership Style of School Officials: Inputs to Its Learning Development Plan
    Erico M. Habijan, Mary Anne T. Flores and Elenita M Tiamzon
    74. Science Concept Attainment Among Junior High School Learners through the Use of Strategic
    Intervention Material
    Edlyn E. Dela Cruz and Arra Quitaneg-Abaniel
    75. Compliance with Traffic Laws in Case of Speeding: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
    Waiphot Kulachai, Patipol Homyamyen and Kantima Pongnairat
    76. Digital Adoption Solution: Progenitors and Reverberations
    77. Administrative Leadership Practices and Disposition in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
    in Zambales, Philippines
    Pauline Fortin – Echaure
    78. Ancestral Perception Reintroduced: Assessing Consumption Patterns and Perceptions of
    Superfood to Bridge the Knowledge Gap among the Youth of India
    P. Manjunath and L. N. Fukey
    79. Impact of Servicescape on Guest Experience to Enhance Guest Satisfaction: Focused on
    Luxury Hotel Guests
    Leena Fukey, Sunanda Vincent Jaiwant and Shloka Patel Gaurang
    80. Assessing the Product Gap of Sourdough Bread in the Artisan Bread Industry and Challenges of
    Indian Artisan Bread Bakers to Penetrate the Market
    Sakshi Shivprasad and Leena Fukey
    81. The Development of Financial Markets in Asia and Pacific: A Mitigation of the Global Crises
    Richa Singhal and Daksha Agrawal
    82. Assessing the Product Gap of Sourdough Bread in The Artisan Bread Industry and Challenges of
    Indian Artisan Bread Bakers to Penetrate the Market
    Sakshi Shivprasad and Leena Fukey
    83. A Study of the Factors Affecting the Performance of the Freight Forwarding Industry with Respect
    to Customer Preferences
    Apeksha Garg
    84. Legitimizing Peer to Peer Accommodation Sharing Services in Emerging Economy
    Gautam Agrawal and Savita Sodhi
    85. Where’s Your Daddy—Utility and Availability of Paternity Leaves in India
    Navjot Singh
    86. Mapping Constructivism Syllabus with CDIO Syllabus as a Teaching Guide
    Tran Minh Tung, Trinh Le Tan, Duong Hoai Lan and Doan Thi Thanh Huong
    87. The Physical Attachment to Temples of the Khmer in the South of Vietnam
    Hue T Nguyen
    88. Problem-Based Learning in Improving Secondary Students’ Problem-Solving Skills in Science:
    A Meta-Analysis
    Shaira M. Lansangan and Socorro E. Aguja
    89. Ecological Consciousness in Jose Saramago’s Childrens’ Literature: A Study of The Biggest Flower
    in the World
    Divya R. Krishnan and Manohar D. Dugaje
    90. Error Analysis of Preposition Usage: A Case Study of VIII-Grade Students in Government and
    Aided Schools of Cuddalore District
    K. T. Balaji and M. Nagalakshmi
    91. Exploring the Efficacy of Augmented Reality Design Frameworks and Pedagogical Principles
    for English Language Education
    Vadapalli Lakshmi and Mutyala Suresh
    92. Assessing the Traditional Utilization of Plant Resources of the Subanen Tribal Communities in
    Zamboanga Sibugay, Mindanao
    Milagros P. Viado
    93. Influence of Lean Marketing on the Improvement of Marketing Strategy: An Investigation of
    Workers’ Perspectives
    Vivek Pimplapure, Uma Gulati, Prashant R. Patil and Abhishek Narayan J.
    94. Evaluating Green Banking Practices: An Analysis of Indian Banks’ Environmental
    Responsibility Disclosures
    Vartika Kulshrestha, Sudhansu Sekhar Nanda, M. R. Vanithamani and K. Kavithad
    95. Tra Vinh Ethnic Khmer’s Perceptions on their Spiritual Life
    Nguyen Thi Hue
    96. A Critical Evaluation of Psychological Biases Among Managerial Persons Regarding Financial Decisions
    Devadutta Indoria and K. Devib
    97. Finance Big Data: Management and Analysis using Applied Mathematical and Differential Equation
    Sonali Ashutosh Sathe, Sunil Kumar Das, E. Ramaraju Yadav and Shaista Anwar
    98. Study of Customer Awareness and Perception of Gen Z Towards Generic Medicines
    S. V. Perugu and N. Shrivastava
    99. Comparative Analysis of Online Grocery Market in Tier 2 and 3 Cities in India
    Sudha Gupta, Chetna Priti and Mahima Kapoor
    100. A Comparative Analysis on Inflation Target and Real Inflation in India
    J. Nambiar
    101. Satellite Imaging for Precision Agriculture Enhancing Crop Management, Soil Condition
    and Yield Prediction
    Santosh Gore, Dipak Patil, Nitin Mahankale and Sujata Gore
    102. Lived Experiences of Parents with Child Diagnosed with Retinoblastoma
    John Carlo A. Abanie


    Worakamol Wisetsri King Mongkut’s University of Technology,

    North Bangkok Thailand Philip Clingan Pierce College,

    Washington State, USA Rocky J. Dwyer Walden university,

    USA Dilrabo Bakhronova Tashkent State University Uzbekistan