304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    The concept of emotional intelligence (EI), which has steadily gained acceptance in psychology, seems particularly well suited to the work of school counselors and school psychologists who must constantly deal with troubled and underperforming students. To date, however, no book has systematically explained the theoretical and scientific foundations of emotional intelligence and integrated this information into the roles and functions of school counselors and other school personnel. In addition to illustrating how social emotional learning is important to both individual students and to school climate, the book also shows school counselors how to expand their own emotional awareness and resiliency.
    Key features of this outstanding new book include:
    *ASCA Guidelines. The book integrates the latest findings from the field of social emotional learning with the new ASCA guidelines for school counselors.
    *Real-life Cases. The book moves quickly from an overview of basic definitions, theories, and guidelines to stories of real counselors, administrators, teachers, and parents.
    *Author Expertise. John Pellitteri is Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in School Counseling Queens College (CUNY). A former school counselor, he is a leading researcher in the area of emotional intelligence. Barbara Ackerman is a K-5 school counselor and retiring Vice President of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Elementary School Division. Claudia Shelton has been a school counselor in grades 6-12 and currently heads a firm specializing in professional development for schools. Robin Stern is an adjunct associate professor and researcher at Columbia Teachers College and a specialist in social emotional learning for the New York City Board of Education.

    This book is appropriate as a supplementary text in school counseling courses and as a professional reference work for practicing school counselors, counselor educators, counseling psychologists, school psychologists, and school administrators.

    Contents: P. Salovey, Foreword. Part I: Introduction. J. Pellitteri, R. Stern, C. Shelton, B. Muller-Ackerman, The Emotional Intelligence of School Counseling. Part II: Foundations. B. Muller-Ackerman, C. Shelton, Practitioners' Perspective on School Counseling and Emotional Intelligence. J. Pellitteri, Emotional Intelligence: Theory, Measurement, and Counseling Implications. R. Stern, L. Hyman, C.E. Martin, The Importance of Self-Awareness for School Counselors. Part III: Applications in School Settings. C. Fasano, J. Pellitteri, Infusing Emotional Learning Into the School Environment. B. Muller-Ackerman, S. Stillman, An Elementary Counseling Program: Nurturing Social and Emotional Learning for Life. C. Shelton, J. Allen, Middle School Challenges: Reflection, Relationships, and Responsibility. M.T. Dealy, J. Pellitteri, Emotional Networks and Counseling the High School Student. Part IV: Applications With Specific Groups. V.A. Poedubicky, L.B. Butler, J. Sperlazza, Promoting Social and Emotional Intelligence for Students With Special Needs. K. Mildener, C.R. Keane, Collaborating With Teachers on Social Emotional Learning. K.P. Brady, Emotionally Intelligent School Administrators: Developing a Positive School Climate. J. Field, J. Kolbert, Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in Parents: The Professional School Counselor's Role. Part V: Applications With Special Modalities. J. Pellitteri, The Use of Music to Facilitate Emotional Learning. M.J. Elias, B.S. Friedlander, S.E. Tobias, Integrating SEL and Technology Within the Curriculum. Part VI: Success Stories. L.B. Butler, V.A. Poedubicky, J. Sperlazza, Social and Emotional Learning Through Comprehensive School Counseling: A Case Study. S. Brown, J. Tobin, R. Stern, Emotionally Smart School Counselors: A School District's Initiative to Create Emotionally Intelligent Schools. M. McCabe, T. Tollerud, J. Axelrod, A State Mandate for Social-Emotional Literacy: Implications for School Counselors. Appendices: A Brief Historical Perspective of Emotional Intelligence. B. Muller-Ackerman, Web-Based Resources for Social Emotional Learning.


    John Pellitteri, Robin Stern, Claudia Shelton, Barbara Muller-Ackerman

    "A valuable edition to professional libraries, this is a unique and important book that extends the recent contributions of  others writing about emotional intelligence (EI) to effective practice in school counseling. The editors were successful in assembling a book of broad scope. Highly recommended. Graduate students, faculty, and practitioners."

    "The text overall is well organized....strongly recommend 'Emotionally Intelligent School Counseling' to counselors and educational consultants who are integrating emotional intelligence into their practices."