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Empowering Women in STEM

About the Series

This new book series aims to encourage more women into STEM-related fields and will provide a source of inspiration for those wanting to join or remain in these fields. In the last decade, it has been extremely difficult to get documented information on experiences women have faced in male-dominated fields. Typically, this information has been frowned upon by colleagues and women have been subjected to believing that they are “not strong enough” for these types of industries. As a result, there is a higher number of women leaving STEM fields after the first few years.

This series will serve to encourage more women to embrace their unique abilities and find comfort in knowing that other women have endured similar situations and not only survived but thrived. Too often, the media selectively chooses the highlights of these careers but not the struggles behind them. Essentially, these struggles are what gets women prepared to achieve amazing things. However, if no one is enlightened about their journey, then other women in similar situations may feel that giving up is the easiest solution.

The series will also serve as an avenue for more male involvement in becoming allies and informing others about ways to bridge these gaps. Quite often, male colleagues are not aware of the struggles women face or that there are ways to help in these situations. Imposter syndrome is very prevalent in this area for men, but it is only when both men and women work together that can balance the scales.
This series is targeted towards professionals new to the field and just starting a career in STEM as well as professionals who are already in these fields but may be considering leaving it. This series will also provide insight to companies trying to understand the role of diversity and inclusion from an employee’s perspective and can help in shaping a company’s culture. Additionally, it will provide those who are not within the STEM fields, with much-needed insight into ways they can support someone within these fields.

If you are interested in writing or editing a book for the series or would like more information, please contact Cindy Carelli, [email protected].


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Empowering Women in STEM Working Together to Inspire the Future

Empowering Women in STEM: Working Together to Inspire the Future

1st Edition


Edited By Sanya Mathura
March 01, 2024

Throughout the globe, STEM careers exist. However, in some countries, particular STEM careers have been male-dominated while in other countries no gender biases exist as it relates to STEM careers. One common trend which occurs throughout the world is that women who are working in these STEM ...

Empowering Women in STEM Personal Stories and Career Journeys from Around the World

Empowering Women in STEM: Personal Stories and Career Journeys from Around the World

1st Edition

Edited By Sanya Mathura
December 21, 2022

Women in STEM are constantly facing new challenges every day. By sharing their stories and the ways in which they already have and continue to overcome these hurdles, they can help others find the strength to persevere and succeed in these fields. This mix of authors from varying backgrounds all ...

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