1st Edition

Empowering Women in STEM Working Together to Inspire the Future

Edited By Sanya Mathura Copyright 2024
    216 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    216 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Throughout the globe, STEM careers exist. However, in some countries, particular STEM careers have been male-dominated while in other countries no gender biases exist as it relates to STEM careers. One common trend which occurs throughout the world is that women who are working in these STEM related fields typically leave after about five years. Contrarily, it has also been uncovered that more women stay in these fields when we all work together.

    Empowering Women in STEM: Working Together to Inspire the Future provides a platform to share the stories of those who have been in STEM careers but have pivoted to other areas by utilizing the STEM skills they learned. It bridges the gap between those who are thinking about entering or leaving STEM careers, along with those who want to encourage others into STEM careers. This book showcases how everyone’s journey is different, some may have unexpected twists and turns while others appear to conform to the "normal" rules outlined by society. By offering a front-row seat on a journey that takes many different paths, this book provides advice that can lead to a STEM career with or without having a STEM background. The different roads taken are highlighted to show how everyone’s path is unique and how that is okay.

    With the upcoming generation constantly looking for ways to "fit in" or be able to identify with role models to help them chart their way forward, this book ensures that they have not just one, but a variety of role models and success stories to relate to. It also offers some key advice which can be applied to any field they choose. In addition to having women and men from across the globe share their stories about various fields, this book also is written for professionals who may be considering a switch of career or deciding to leave STEM, and for university students who are trying to figure out their career choices and paths to take to gain more insight into possible new career goals in STEM.

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    Foreword: Katie Mehnert

    Preface – Women in STEM



    SECTION I. Inspiring the Future

    1. Space for Women: Defining Career Lessons

    Shelli Brunswick

    2. Be the Change You Want to See

    Alex Knight

    3. I #DERRtobedifferent, I Dare to Be Me

    Ludmilla Derr

    4. Paving the Way Forward for Other Female Arab Engineers

    Eman Martin-Vignerte

    5. Fueling the Future of Women in Industry

    Stephanie Hajducek

    6. Building the Next Generation of STEM Heroes

    Marcella Ceva

    SECTION II. Non-Traditional Paths

    7. STEM with Mr N: STEM Communication, Awards, and the Power of STEM Advocates

    Stuart Naismith

    8. Increasing UPTIME: The Journey from Banking to Engineering

    Jenny Ambler

    9. Unexpected Paths, Endless Possibilities: A Journey of Integration between Literature and STEM

    Corey Marie Hall

    10. Maneuvering the Moving Sidewalk of Your Career

    Susan Lubell

    11. Exploring Innovation, STEM, and Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Learning and Growth

    Viktoria Ilger

    12. Safety Boots to Break Glass Ceilings™

    Emily Soloby

    13. Intersectionality: How to Transform Headwinds to Tailwinds

    Erika Anderson [in Remembrance]

    14. The Journey to Becoming the First Wellness Engineer

    Lennis Perez

    15. Dr. Kenya’s Nonlinear Journey: The Intersection of Science, Education, and Policy

    Kenya L. Goodson

    SECTION III. Leading the Way

    16. Women Redefining Work-Life Balance in STEM: Integrating Parenthood into the Equation

    Sarah Marie Bilger

    17. Female AND an Engineer? Exploring the Gender-Occupation Identity Dilemma in Engineering

    Helen Sara Johnson

    18. Allow Them to Answer the Call

    Shane Woods

    19. Through It All, the Why Was My Motivator

    Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve

    20. A Woman in a Man’s World or a Person in a Person’s World?

    Angelica González

    21. The Complex Reality: Unraveling the Underrepresentation of Women in STEM

    Genevieve Cheung

    22. Why Is Empowering Women in STEM So Important?

    Joel Leonard



    Sanya Mathura is the Founder of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd based in Trinidad & Tobago. She works with global affiliates in the areas of Reliability and Asset Management to bring these specialty niches to her clients. She has a BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an MSc in Engineering Asset Management. Sanya has worked in the machinery lubrication industry for the past decade and assists various industries with machinery lubrication-related issues. Sanya is the first person (and first female) in her country and the Caribbean to attain an ICML MLE (International Council for Machinery Lubrication, Machinery Lubrication Engineer) certification as well as the first female in the world to achieve the ICML VPR & VIM (Varnish and Deposits Prevention & Removal, Varnish and Deposits Measurement & Identification) badges. She can always be found supporting and advocating for women in STEM.