Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering (Print Version)  book cover
6th Edition

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering (Print Version)

Edited By

Edward N. Ziegler

ISBN 9781439804421
Published June 25, 2012 by CRC Press
1438 Pages 560 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

"The authors ... continue the pursuit of new knowledge, calculated to bring new fruits of health, safety, and comfort to man and his environs. The charms, as well as the subtle hazards, of the terms ‘conservation, preservation, and ecology’ need to be crystallized so that the public and their decision-makers practice this complex art with clearer conception and perception than is apparent in recent bitter confrontations."
—From the Foreword to the Fourth Edition by Abel Wolman

What’s New in This Edition:

  • New entries on environmental and occupational toxicology, geoengineering, and lead abatement
  • Twenty-five significantly updated entries, including expanded discussion of water supplies and waste water treatment, biomass and renewable energy, and international public health issues
  • An expanded list of acronyms and abbreviations

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sixth Edition is still the most comprehensive, authoritative reference available in the field. This monumental two-volume encyclopedia now includes entries on topics ranging from acid rain, air pollution, and community health to environmental law, instrumentation, modeling, alternative energy, radioactive waste, and water treatment.

The broad coverage includes highly specialized topics as well as those that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, reflecting the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required by environmental researchers and engineers. Featuring expert contributors representing industry, academia, and government agencies, the encyclopedia presents fundamental concepts and applications in environmental science and engineering. The entries are supported by extensive figures, photographs, tables, and equations.

This sixth edition includes new material on water supplies and wastewater treatment, biomass and renewable energy, and international public health issues. New entries cover environmental and occupational toxicology, geoengineering, and lead abatement. The Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering provides a view of the field that helps readers understand, manage, and respond to threats to the human environment.

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Table of Contents


Acid Rain
Gary J. Stensland

Kikuo Okuyama, Yasuo Kousaka, and John H. Seinfeld

Air Pollutant Effects
Edward F. Ferrand

Air Pollution Instrumentation
James Geiger and Mark D. Mueller

Air Pollution Meteorology
Hans A. Panofsky

Air Pollution Sources
Jehuda Menczel

Aquatic Primary Production
Charles R. Goldman

Atmospheric Chemistry
Larry G. Anderson

Biological Treatment of Wastewater
J.K. Bewtra and N. Biswas

Lee Dorigan

Coal Gasification Processes
Robert J. Farrell and Edward N. Ziegler

Community Health
John B. De Hoff

James K. McCarthy and Raul R. Cardenas, Jr.

E. Delyannis and V. Belessiotis

A.D. Russell and P.J. Ditchett

Ecology of Plants
Elroy L. Rice

Ecology of Primary Terrestrial Consumers
Francis C. Evans

Ecosystem Theory
Eugene P. Odum

Effects of Chemicals
Paul Baham and James R. Pfafflin

Electrostatic Precipitation
Roger G. Ramsdell, Jr.

Energy Sources: Alternatives
Friedrich-Werner Möllenkamp and Kenneth C. Hoffman

Environmental and Occupational Toxicology – New!
J.H. Lange, L. Cegolon, and G. Mastrangelo

Environmental Assessments and Related Impacts
Robert Dresnack

Environmental Education
Eugene B. Golub

Environmental Health
Joseph A. Salvato, Jr.

Environmental Law
William Goldfarb

J.H. Lange

Robert Dresnack

Fluidized Bed Combustion
James Sanderson

Fossil Fuel Cleaning Processes
Edward N. Ziegler

Geoengineering – New!
Joseph M. Lynch

Geographic Information Systems
Todd Hepworth

Greenhouse Gases Effects
B.J. Mason

Groundwater Resources
Paul Chan, Yuan Ding, and John R. Schuring, Jr.

Hazardous Waste Management
Richard T. Dewling, and Gregory A. Pikul

Hazardous Wastes
Edward F. Ferrand

Michael C. Quick

Indoor Air Pollution
John D. Constance

Industrial Ecology
Tao Wang and T.E. Graedel

Industrial Hygiene Engineering
Frank S. Gill and Roger J. Alesbury

Industrial Waste Management
Clinton E. Parker and Syed R. Qasim

Instrumentation: Water and Wastewater Analysis
Leonard L. Ciaccio

Lead Abatement – New!
J.H. Lange and G. Mastrangelo

Legal Aspects of the Environment
Victor J. Yannacone, Jr.

Frances Paula Solomon



Management of Radioactive Wastes
Colin A. Mawson and Yuan Ding

Management of Solid Waste
Peter B. Lederman and Michael F. Debonis

Marine Spillage: Sources and Hazards
Donald P. Roseman

Helene N. Guttman

Mobile Source Pollution
Edward N. Ziegler

Modeling of Estuarine Water Quality
Neal E. Armstrong

Municipal Wastewater
James R. Pfafflin and Cameron Macinnis

Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment
Mohammed S. Kamal and Syed R. Qasim

Nitrogen Oxides Reduction
W. Michael Sutton and Edward N. Ziegler

Charles E. Wilson

Non-Ionizing Radiations
George M. Wilkening

Michael Bruno and Richard Hires

Oil Spillage into Water: Treatment
Gerard P. Canevari

Particulate Emissions
John M. Matsen

Particulate Removal
John M. Matsen

PCBs and Associated Aromatics
Ian Webber

Robert L. Metcalf

Physical and Chemical Treatment of Wastewaters
Alessandro Anzalone, J.K. Bewtra, and Hambdy I. Ali

Clinton J. Andrews

Planning for New Processes: Environmental Aspects
Robert H. Quig, Thomas Granger, and Edward N. Ziegler

Planning Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Developing Nations
Syed R. Qasim

Pollution Effects on Fish
John E. Bardach

Pollution from Mine Drainage
Ernst P. Hall

Prevention of Toxic Chemical Release
John D. Constance

Psychological Aspects of Man’s Environment
Sheila M. Pfafflin

Radiation Ecology
Stanley I. Auerbach

Richard T. Dewling, Donald A. Deieso, and Gerald P. Nicholls

Recycling Waste Materials
Mark A. Tompeck

Remote Sensing
Jonathan Chipman

Sediment Transport
J. Alex McCorquodale

Small Flow Wastewater Treatment for Domestic and Special Applications
Syed R. Qasim

Stack Sampling
Mark Winter, Donald G. Wright, and Marcus E. Kantz

Statistical Methods for Environmental Science
Sheila M. Pfafflin

The Terrestrial System
R. Buckminster Fuller

Thermal Effects on Fish Ecology
Charles C. Coutant

Urban Air Pollution Modeling
Alessandro Anzalone

Urban Runoff
Richard Field

Vapor and Gaseous Pollutant Fundamentals
Tai-Ming Chiu and Edward N. Ziegler

Water and Waste Management Systems in Space
Robert G. Zachariadis and Syed R. Qasim

Water Chemistry
Werner Stumm, Martin Forsberg, and Steven Gherini

Water Flow
S.P. Chee

Water: Properties, Structure, and Occurrence in Nature
Werner Stumm, Steven Gherini, and Martin Forsberg

Water Reuse
Prasanna Ratnaweer

Water Treatment
Philip H. Jones and Mark A. Tompeck


Acronyms and Abbreviations


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James R. Pfafflin is a professional engineer in Ontario, a chartered engineer in the UK, and also holds the title of European Engineer (EUR ING). He is a member of the Commissioned Reserve of the US Public Health Service.

Edward N. Ziegler is an associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at Polytechnic Institute of New York University and former director of its Environmental Science Program. For more information about Dr. Ziegler, see his profile at NYU Poly.