1st Edition

Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science (Print)

By Robert M. Goodman Copyright 2004
    1364 Pages
    by CRC Press

    1360 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science is the first-ever single-source reference work to inclusively cover classic and modern studies in plant biology in conjunction with research, applications, and innovations in crop science and agriculture. From the fundamentals of plant growth and reproduction to developments in agronomy and agricultural science, the encyclopedia's authoritative content nurtures communication between these academically distinct yet intrinsically related fields-offering a spread of clear, descriptive, and concise entries to optimally serve scientists, agriculturalists, policy makers, students, and the general public.


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    Abiotic Stress o Agronomy o Anatomy o Biodiversity o Bioinformatics o Biological Control of Pests and Pathogens o Breeding o Cell and Tissue Culture o Cell Division and Cell Cycle o Cropping Systems o Cytogenetics o Domestication o Ecological Indicators o Entomology o Food Security o Gene Regulation o Genetics o Genome Evolution o Genomics o Germplasm o Industrial Uses of Plants and Plant Products o Intellectual Property and Plant Sciences o Medicinal Uses of Plants o Metabolism o Morphology o Nutriceuticals o Pests and Pathogens o Photosynthesis o Phytochemistry o Plant Defenses o Plant Development o Plant Pathology o Plant Physiology o Plant Responses to Environmental Cues o Plant-Microbe Symbioses: Nitrogen Fixation, Mycorrhizae, and More o Plants and People o Plants and Water o Plastids o Reproduction and Propagation o Seeds: Development, Pathogens, Pests, Physiology, and Technologies o Sustainable Agriculture o The Major Crops o Transgenic Plants: Uses and Precautions o Weeds and Weed Control


    Goodman, Robert M.