1st Edition

Endocrine Interactions of Insect Parasites and Pathogens

Edited By J.P. Edwards, R.J. Weaver Copyright 2001
    328 Pages
    by Garland Science

    Endocrine Interactions of Insect Parasites and Pathogens is one of the first books to concentrate specifically on the endocrine aspects of host/parasite and host/pathogen reactions. Written by well-known researchers in the field, the book is an up-to-date compendium and provides a thorough review of the current research.

    Ch 1. Endocrine Changes In Lepidopteran Larvae: Potential Challenges To Parasitoid Development And Survival. Ch 2. Identity And Mode Of Action Of The Host Endocrine Disrupters From The Venom Of Parasitoid Wasps. Ch 3. Parasitism Of Manduca Sexta By Cotesia Congregata: A Multitude Of Disruptive Endocrine Effects. Ch 4. Endoparasite-Mediated Disruption Of Host Endocrine Systems: Common Themes Through Uncommon Means. Ch 5. Effects Of An Egg-Larval Parasitoid, Chelonus Inanitus, And Its Polydnavirus On Development And The Endocrine System Of The Host, Spodoptera Littoralis. Ch 6. Hormonal Alterations And Molecular Mechanisms Underlying The Induction Of Host Developmental Arrest By Endoparasitic Wasps. Ch 7. Regulation Of Host Endocrine System By The Endophagous Braconid Cardiochiles Nigriceps And Its Polydnavirus. Ch 8. Endocrine Interactions Of Ectoparasitoid Wasps With Their Hosts: An Overview. Ch 9. Ecological And Physiological Relevance Of Biochemical Changes In A Host As A Result Of Parasitism By Euplectrus Spp.: A Case Study. Ch 10. The Influence Of Parasitoids On Wing Formation In Aphids: Possible Interactions With The Host Endocrine System? Ch 11. The Parasitoid Host Endocrine Interaction From A Nutritional Perspective. Ch 12. Parasite Regulation Of Insect Reproduction: Similar Strategies, Different Mechanisms? Ch 13. Structure Of Salivary Glands Of The Human Body Louse, Pediculus Humanus L. And Erythematous And Immunogenic Properties Of Its Saliva. Ch 14. Host Manipulation By Insect Pathogens: The Effect Of The Baculovirus Egt Gene On The Host - Virus Interaction. Ch 15. Interactions With The Host Of Recombinant Baculoviruses Expressing Components Of The Insect Endocrine System With Their Hosts - Towards Environmentally Benign Biological Control.


    J.P. Edwards, R.J. Weaver