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Insect Taste Vol 63

Insect Taste: Vol 63

1st Edition

Edited By Philip Newland, Matthew Cobb, Frederic Marion-Poll
December 09, 2008

Insect Taste offers an accessible overview to some of the many advances in insect taste research. The book covers how insects solve the basic problem of taste gustatory processing, from detection and transduction, through coding to the generation of behavior and the evolutionary biology ...

Redox Metabolism and Longevity Relationships in Animals and Plants Vol 62

Redox Metabolism and Longevity Relationships in Animals and Plants: Vol 62

1st Edition

Edited By Christine Foyer, Richard Faragher, Paul Thornalley
April 02, 2009

Redox Metabolism and Longevity Relationships in Animals and Plants focuses on the recent issues that have emerged in ageing research in both the animal and plant kingdoms. This volume reviews current concepts concerning cellular redox homeostatis and ageing in animals and plants, relationships to ...

Practical Systems Biology Volume 61

Practical Systems Biology: Volume 61

1st Edition

Edited By Alistair Hetherington, Claire Grierson
July 31, 2008

Systems biology is the study of organisms as interacting networks of genes, proteins and reactions. Practical Systems Biology provides a detailed overview of the different approaches used in this relatively new discipline, integrating bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. Various ...

The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Volume 59

The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle: Volume 59

1st Edition

Edited By John Bryant, Dennis Francis
February 15, 2008

The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle gives an overview of the stages of the eukaryotic cell cycle, as well as discussing important experiments, research, organisms of interest and findings connected to each stage of the cycle and the components involved in these. This volume, written by respected researchers...

Drosophila: A Toolbox for the Study of Neurodegenerative Disease Vol 60

Drosophila: A Toolbox for the Study of Neurodegenerative Disease: Vol 60

1st Edition

Edited By Amritpal Mudher, Tracey Newman
January 28, 2008

 Drosophila gives an overview of the ways in which Drosophila is currently being used as a model organism to further our understanding of a spectrum of human neurological diseases. Each chapter is written by respected researchers and gives an excellent account of the subject that is suitable ...

The Carbon Balance of Forest Biomes Vol 57

The Carbon Balance of Forest Biomes: Vol 57

1st Edition

Edited By Howard Griffith, Paul Jarvis
June 06, 2005

The Carbon Balance of Forest Biomes provides an informed synthesis on the current status of forests and their future potential for carbon sequestration.This volume is timely, since convincing models which scale from local to regional carbon fluxes are needed to support these international ...

The Nuclear Envelope Vol 56

The Nuclear Envelope: Vol 56

1st Edition

Edited By David Evans, Chris Hutchison, John Bryant
September 24, 2004

The Nuclear Envelope brings together the major current topics in nuclear envelope structure, transport, transcriptional regulation and cell signaling. The volume is divided into four sections:1. Proteins of the nuclear envelope, including nuclear envelope proteomics, structure and function.2. ...

Host-Parasite Interactions

Host-Parasite Interactions

1st Edition

Edited By Gert Flik, Geert Wiegertjes
August 24, 2004

This volume summarizes current research into the physiology and molecular biology of host-parasite interactions. Brought together by leading international experts in the field, the first section outlines fundamental processes, followed by specific examples in the concluding section. Covering a wide...

Sex Determination in Plants

Sex Determination in Plants

1st Edition

Edited By CC Ainsworth
August 02, 2004

Indispensable for all plant biologists, this is a fascinating and thorough examination of those factors which affect the sex determination of plant species, describing all of the main classes of plant with unisexual flowers hermaphrodite, monoecious and...

Endocrine Interactions of Insect Parasites and Pathogens

Endocrine Interactions of Insect Parasites and Pathogens

1st Edition

Edited By J.P. Edwards, R.J. Weaver
June 30, 2001

Endocrine Interactions of Insect Parasites and Pathogens is one of the first books to concentrate specifically on the endocrine aspects of host/parasite and host/pathogen reactions. Written by well-known researchers in the field, the book is an up-to-date compendium and provides a thorough review ...

Environment and Animal Development Genes, Life Histories and Plasticity

Environment and Animal Development: Genes, Life Histories and Plasticity

1st Edition

Edited By D. Atkinson, M. Thorndyke
June 01, 2001

Animal Developmental Ecology is the first book to focus specifically on the interactions between the environment and developmental mechanisms with particular emphasis given to the consequences for animal populations. The underlying premise of the book is that the study of physiological mechanisms ...

Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Arrest Life in Limbo

Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Arrest: Life in Limbo

1st Edition

Edited By K.B. Storey
January 01, 2001

Many organisms can reduce their resting metabolic rate to a state of suspended animation to allow them to survive in adverse environmental conditions. Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Arrest focuses on the latest opinions of molecular mechanisms and principles of dormancy regulation, highlighting ...

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