1st Edition

Engaging the Heart in Business A Revolutionary Market Approach Based On Love

By Alice Alessandri, Alberto Aleo Copyright 2021
    194 Pages
    by Routledge

    194 Pages
    by Routledge

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    In the wake of the profound upheavals that our society has been facing, the business world is undergoing change. Values ​​such as trust, well-being, sustainability, and respect for human beings and their deeper ambitions are becoming increasingly important. Corporations and professionals can achieve and maintain success only if they can bring their relationship with their customers to a new, higher level. The condition that links the two is very similar to that created when we fall in love. The organizational models and marketing approaches based on the metaphor of war, and the inherent rhetoric of "command and control", are no longer valid; to form such a bond we need love. The authors are aware of this. Since 2013, in collaboration with international scholars, they have been studying the new market dynamics and the fundamental role of ethics in gaining commercial results. While their previous book Sales Ethics (2015) helped to set up and manage customer relationships based on trust and fairness, this new book will support you in building your business strategy and designing marketing tools (from customer analysis, to the definition of your offer and the style of communication, up to the positioning of prices and the management of resources) in the light of a new model, the Loving Business Model, which aims to make the customer fall in love with you, and you with your work. This book, like its predecessor, is the result of independent research conducted between Italy and the United States combined with the authors’ many years of professional experience. It contains the most up-to-date and effective techniques available in the modern marketing landscape, supported by case studies, concrete examples and activities, which will guide you to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice.

    Foreword by Prof. Antony Buono

    1. The context

    2. Reference models for Engaging the Heart in Business

    3. Engaging the Heart in Business

    4. Love YOURSELF: Branding and Identity

    5. Love WHY you DO it: Having clear and shareable goals

    6. Love WHO you do it FOR: Who your customers are and what you can do for them

    7. Love WHAT YOU DO: The offer system and the creation of value

    8. Respect your RIVALS: How to manage your relationship with the competition

    9. Love WHO you do it WITH: Getting the best from people

    10. Love HOW you DO IT: The value journey and managing the relationship

    11. Conclusions


    Alice Alessandri and Alberto Aleo, partners in both their professional and private lives, are founders of the consulting and training agency Passodue that operates in the field of ethical sales and marketing. Many of the major Italian companies that feature among their clients have chosen ethics as a success factor. Alice and Alberto also collaborate with universities and training institutions at an international level. They are authors of the book Sales Ethics published by Business Expert Press in 2015. In addition to their consultancy and training work, in recent years the authors have participated as speakers at international conferences such as the Global Business Ethics Symposium in Copenhagen and Boston, the IABS Conference in Salt Lake City and Amsterdam, and the Positive Economy Forum in Rimini. Their publications and articles have appeared in newspapers and trade magazines. They are editors of the successful blog www.diariodiunconsulente.com, which contains hundreds of articles and essays that further explain their approach.