1st Edition

Engineering Design Reliability Handbook

    1216 Pages 656 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Researchers in the engineering industry and academia are making important advances on reliability-based design and modeling of uncertainty when data is limited. Non deterministic approaches have enabled industries to save billions by reducing design and warranty costs and by improving quality.

    Considering the lack of comprehensive and definitive presentations on the subject, Engineering Design Reliability Handbook is a valuable addition to the reliability literature. It presents the perspectives of experts from the industry, national labs, and academia on non-deterministic approaches including probabilistic, interval and fuzzy sets-based methods, generalized information theory, Dempster-Shaffer evidence theory, and robust reliability. It also presents recent advances in all important fields of reliability design including modeling of uncertainty, reliability assessment of both static and dynamic components and systems, design decision making in the face of uncertainty, and reliability validation. The editors and the authors also discuss documented success stories and quantify the benefits of these approaches.

    With contributions from a team of respected international authors and the guidance of esteemed editors, this handbook is a distinctive addition to the acclaimed line of handbooks from CRC Press.

    Part I: Status and Future of Nondeterministic
    Approaches (NDAs)
    Brief Overview of the Handbook
    Efstratios Nikolaidis and Dan M. Ghiocel
    Perspectives on Nondeterministic Approaches
    Ahmed K. Noor
    Transitioning NDA from Research to Engineering Design
    Thomas A. Cruse and Jeffrey M. Brown
    An Industry Perspective on the Role of Nondeterministic Technologies in Mechanical Design
    The Need for Nondeterministic Approaches in Automotive Design: A Business Perspective
    John A. Cafeo, Joseph A. Donndelinger, Robert V. Lust, and Zissimos P. Mourelatos
    Research Perspective in Stochastic Mechanics
    Mircea Grigoriu
    A Research Perspective
    David G. Robinson

    Part II: Nondeterministic Modeling: Critical Issues and Recent Advances
    Types of Uncertainty in Design Decision Making
    Efstratios Nikolaidis
    Generalized Information Theory for Engineering Modeling and Simulation
    Cliff Joslyn and Jane M. Booker
    Evidence Theory for Engineering Applications
    William L. Oberkampf and Jon C. Helton
    Info-Gap Decision Theory for Engineering Design: Or Why "Good" Is Preferable to "Best"
    Yakov Ben-Haim
    Interval Methods for Reliable Computing
    Rafi L. Muhanna and Robert L. Mullen
    Expert Knowledge in Reliability Characterization: A Rigorous Approach to Eliciting, Documenting, and Analyzing Expert Knowledge
    Jane M. Booker and Laura A. McNamara
    First- and Second-Order Reliability Methods
    Armen Der Kiureghian
    System Reliability
    Palle Thoft-Christensen
    Quantum Physics-Based Probability Models with Applications to Reliability Analysis
    Erik Vanmarcke
    Probabilistic Analysis of Dynamic Systems
    Efstratios Nikolaidis
    Time-Variant Reliability
    Robert E. Melchers and Andre T. Beck
    Response Surfaces for Reliability Assessment
    Christian Bucher and Michael Macke
    Stochastic Simulation Methods for Engineering Predictions
    Dan M. Ghiocel
    Projection Schemes in Stochastic Finite Element Analysis
    Prasanth B. Nair
    Bayesian Modeling and Updating
    Costas Papadimitriou and Lambros S. Katafygiotis
    Utility Methods in Engineering Design
    Michael J. Scott
    Reliability-Based Optimization of Civil and Aerospace Structural Systems
    Dan M. Frangopol and Kurt Maute
    Accelerated Life Testing for Reliability Validation
    Dimitri B. Kececioglu
    The Role of Statistical Testing in NDA
    Eric P. Fox
    Reliability Testing and Estimation Using Variance-Reduction Techniques
    David Mease, Vijayan N. Nair, and Agus Sudjianto

    Part III: Applications
    Reliability Assessment of Aircraft Structure Joints under Corrosion-Fatigue Damage
    Dan M. Ghiocel and Eric J. Tuegel
    Uncertainty in Aeroelasticity Analysis, Design, and Testing
    Chris L. Pettit
    Selected Topics in Probabilistic Gas Turbine Engine Turbomachinery Design
    James A. Griffiths and Jonathan A. Tschopp
    Practical Reliability-Based Design Optimization Strategy for Structural Design
    Tony Y. Torng
    Applications of Reliability Assessment
    Ben H. Thacker, Mike P. Enright, Daniel P. Nicolella, David S. Riha, Luc J. Huyse, Chris J. Waldhart, and Simeon H.K. Fitch
    Efficient Time-Variant Reliability Methods in Load Space
    Sviatoslav A. Timashev
    Applications of Reliability-Based Design Optimization
    Robert H. Sues, Youngwon Shin, and (Justin) Y.-T. Wu
    Probabilistic Progressive Buckling of Conventional and Adaptive Trusses
    Shantaram S. Pai and Christos C. Chamis
    Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering Methodology for Various Uncertainties and Multidisciplinary Applications
    Kyung K. Choi., Byeng D. Youn, Jun Tang, Jeffrey S. Freeman, Thomas J. Stadterman, Alan L. Peltz, and William (Skip) Connon
    A Method for Multiattribute Automotive Design under Uncertainty
    Zissimos P. Mourelatos, Artemis Kloess, and Raviraj Nayak
    Probabilistic Analysis and Design in Automotive Industry
    Zissimos P. Mourelatos, Jian Tu, and Xuru Ding
    Reliability Assessment of Ships
    Jeom Kee Paik and Anil Kumar Thayamballi
    Risk Assessment and Reliability-Based Maintenance for Large Pipelines
    Sviatoslav A. Timashev
    Nondeterministic Hybrid Architectures for Vehicle
    Health Management
    Joshua Altmann and Dan M. Ghiocel
    Using Probabilistic Microstructural Methods to Predict the Fatigue Response of a Simple Laboratory Specimen
    Robert Tryon
    Weakest-Link Probabilistic Failure
    Brice N. Cassenti
    Reliability Analysis of Composite Structures and Materials
    Sankaran Mahadevan
    Risk Management of Composite Structures
    Frank Abdi, Tina Castillo, and Edward Shroyer



    Nikolaidis, Efstratios ; Ghiocel, Dan M. ; Singhal, Suren