2nd Edition

Engineering Design for Wear, Revised and Expanded

Edited By Raymond G. Bayer Copyright 2004

    A modern presentation of approaches to wear design, this significantly revised and expanded second edition offers methods suited for meeting specific wear performance requirements, numerous design studies highlighting strategies for use with different tribological elements and mechanical systems, proven tactics for resolving wear-related problems, and a plethora of real-world case studies. Engineering Design for Wear explores the complex wear behavior of materials from a design standpoint and depicts contemporary engineering models used for predicting wear. Revised and expanded, this new edition offers numerous additions and enhancements including a new chapter on design triage and more.

    Design Perspective of Wear Behavior; Engineering Models for Wear; Wear Design; Design Guidelines; Design Examples; Methodology; Case Studies; Appendix I: Values of m and n for Use with the Hertz Contact Stress Equations; Appendix II: Zero Wear Factors and Coefficients of Friction for Sliding; Appendix III: Wear and Friction Data; Appendix IV: Approximate Relationship Between Vickers Hardness and Yield Point in Shear Galling Data; Appendix V: Galling Data; Appendix VI: Wear Relationships for Sliding Based on the Zero and Measurable Wear Models; Appendix VII: Model for the Effect of Fluid Lubrication on Zero Wear Factors; Glossary of Wear Mechanisms, Related Terms, and Phenomena


    Raymond G. Bayer (Tribology Consultant, Vestal, New York, USA)

    "…recommend[ed]…to scientists, engineers, designers, practicing engineers, and graduate students."
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