1st Edition

Enterprise Resources Planning and Beyond Integrating Your Entire Organization

By Gary A Langenwalter Copyright 1999

    To achieve success in today's business climate you must do more than provide high quality low cost products to customers when and how they want them. Customers and suppliers require fully integrated information - throughout the supply chain or value chain. You must integrate your organization so completely that executive decisions are implemented effortlessly.
    Competitive pressures often cause a reduction in prices, in spite of continually rising costs. A decrease in prices paired with increased costs quickly eliminates any profitability and threatens your company's ability to survive. This book shows you how you can reduce costs through the elimination of waste caused by poor communication and coordination throughout a company as well as between the company, its suppliers, and its customers.
    The author explains Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in non-technical terms, describing how an ERP system can fully integrate all functions in your manufacturing organization. He demonstrates the system's capability to increase efficiency and profitability - and to delight the customer - as well as its current deficiencies.
    In addition to his thorough coverage of ERP, the author introduces Total Enterprise Integration (TEI), the process of integrating all the information required to fully support a manufacturing company. TEI represents a logical extension of complete information integration throughout a manufacturing enterprise and into the supply chain. This new concept shows you how the intelligent use of work flow allows responsibility to go to the most appropriate front-line decision makers while maintaining proper budgetary and operational controls.
    The power of TEI is in the integration of communication across the entire manufacturing company, and out through the supply chain to customers and suppliers. Enterprise Resource Planning and Beyond: Integrating Your Entire Organization focuses on what a fully integrated system can do for you.


    Executive Summary
    Executive Support
    Strategic Planning
    Sales and Operations Planning
    Financial Planning
    Executive Decision Support
    Measurement Systems
    Supply Chain Management Integration
    Customer Integration
    Full Sales Support
    Forecasting Integration
    Order Generation
    Order Entry
    Quoting and Promising Deliveries
    Demand Management
    Logistics and Distribution
    Field Service
    Engineering Integration
    The Design Process
    Product Data Management
    Integrating with Customers
    Integrating with Suppliers
    Integrating with the Rest of the Company
    Project Management
    Manufacturing Integration
    Material and Capacity Planning
    Manufacturing Execution Systems
    Just-in-Time (JIT)
    Advanced Planning and Scheduling
    Supplier Integration
    Quality Management Systems
    Support Services Integration
    Human Resources
    Environmental Management Integration
    Technical Considerations (In Non-Technical Language)
    Work Flow
    Object Orientation
    E-Commerce/Internet Commerce
    Data Warehousing
    Other Topics
    Multi-Plant, Multi-Division, Multi-National
    Adaptations for "Non-Traditional" Environments
    People Side of TEI
    System Selection
    Successful Implementation
    Repetitive Features and Functions
    Process Industry Features and Functions
    Professional Societies


    Gary Langenwalter has more than 25 years’ experience assisting companies to successfully transform themselves. He is founder and president of Manufacturing Consulting Partners, International, Inc., a firm with 25 consultants who have an average of 20 years’ experience in helping manufacturers achieve their full potential. He has designed MRP II systems, led ERP education for 25 years, and selected and successfully implemented several systems both as an in-house project leader and as an external consultant.

    "This book is outstanding! If I had to put stars beside all of the excellent ideas, my comments would have looked like the Milky Way."
    -Steve Desirey, Manager, DuPont Consulting for Business Improvement

    "...an indispensable guide to an enterprise-wide system! Use this book to plan and implement an ERP system, avoid pitfalls, and understand its power. Your customers will expect you to have ERP and your competitors will have it."
    -Karen Jones, Manager of Business Processes and Systems, Tropicana Products, Inc.

    "A must read for every manager and executive who is seeking to maximize the benefits of ERP in their company...a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, nontechnical exploration of ERP and how its elements work together. It should be a standard reference on the desk of every executive and professional in a manufacturing company."
    -Norman Fuss, Senior Manager, Business and Technical Solutions, BDO Seidman, LLP

    "...uniquely integrates ERP with customers and suppliers into the entire supply chain, providing the framework for a quantum leap in customer-driven performance of the entire organization."
    -Joe Bruno Celkupa, General Manager, Howard Press

    "Chock-full of practical how-to's and watch-out's...written for the professional who is serious about substantial improvements. It offers detailed direction for achieving world-class manufacturing excellence...the author has provided an important service to the manufacturing community."
    -Charles E. Miller, Jr., CFIM, CIRM, Program Manager, General Dynamics Land Systems

    "Must reading for anyone selecting or implementing ERP software...anyone involved in an ERP project will find this text most helpful...a fine introductory text for the ERP newcomer, as well as a fine thought-provoking text on advanced processes for the ERP professional."
    -Robert A. Abair, Senior Partner, Robert Abair Associates, Inc.