1st Edition

Entertainment Tourism

By Jian Ming Luo, Chi Fung Lam Copyright 2018
    76 Pages
    by Routledge

    76 Pages
    by Routledge

    Entertainment tourism has recently become more popular. Entertainment attractions encourage tourists to travel around the world to have fun and are an important part of many gaming destinations. This book explores the tourist experience in entertainment destinations. It introduces and outlines the concept of entertainment and tourism in the global environment, focusing on entertainment tourism development in Las Vegas, USA and Macau, China. Macau has become one of the most famous gaming destinations in the world, now surpassing Las Vegas in terms of gaming revenue. This book explores the market for entertainment tourism market and major trends, such as Virtual Reality, as well as the experience of tourists using entertainment products.

    This book is a valuable resource not only for social science researchers, but also for those in related fields, such as entertainment service providers and tourism officers, among many others.

    CHAPTER I An Introduction to Entertainment Tourism

    1.1 Defining Entertainment Tourism

    1.2 A Profile of Entertaiment Tourism Industry

    1.3 Summary

    CHAPTER II History of Entertainment Tourism

    2.1 Las Vegas: Western Entertainment Destination

    2.1.1 Brief History of Las Vegas

    2.1.2 Las Vegas: The Entertainment Capital of the World

    2.2 Macau: Asian Entertainment Destination

    2.2.1 The History of Macau

    2.2.2 The Entertainment Tourism in Macau

    2.3 Summary

    CHAPTER III Entertainment Tourism Development

    3.1 The Importance of Entertainment on Tourism Development

    3.2 Entertainment Tourism Development in Macau

    3.2.1 Macau Entertainment Tourism Outlook

    3.2.2 The Challenges of Entertainment Tourism

    3.3 Summary

    CHAPTER IV Entertainment Tourism Management

    4.1 Evolution of the Market

    4.2 The Consumer Behaviours

    4.3 Destinations Management

    4.3.1 Resource Management

    4.3.2 Industrial Management

    4.3.3 Understanding and Regulating Tourists

    4.4 Summary

    CHAPTER V Trends of Entertainment Tourism

    5.1 Virtual Reality Application in Entertainment Tourism

    5.2 Rise of Virtual Reality in Entertainment Tourism in Macau

    5.2.1 Combination of Virtual Reality and Entertainment Tourism

    5.2.2 The Business Mode of Virtual Reality in Entertainment Tourism

    5.3 The Issues of Entertainment Tourism in Macau

    5.3.1 Bright Future of Tourism Development in Macau

    5.3.2 Diversified Development of Entertainment Tourism Business

    5.3.3 Stratification of Entertainment Tourism Products

    5.3.4 Adaptation of New Technologies to Entertainment Tourism

    5.4 Summary

    CHAPTER VI Entertainment Product Evaluation: A Case of Tourist Experience in Macau


    Jian Ming Luo is an assistant professor in the Faculty of International Tourism and Management at the City University of Macau.

    Chi Fung Lam is a tutor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.