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Feminist Thinkers

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The aim is to produce a volume on the most influential thinkers in feminist thought from the early thinkers - such as Sophie de Grouchy, Christine de Pisan, and Mary Wollstonecraft – to the present day – such as bell hooks, Patricia Hill Collins, and Julia Kristeva. The series is also particularly interested in highlighting the work of previously overlooked feminist thinkers, or female philosophers writing about women. The books would provide an overview and the context of their thinking in accessible writing for students being introduced to the thinkers for the first time.

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Neighborhood Branding, Identity and Tourism

Neighborhood Branding, Identity and Tourism

1st Edition

By Staci M. Zavattaro
March 28, 2019

This book delves into neighborhood branding by looking at the City of Orlando and the identities that set each neighborhood apart from others. Orlando is an international tourism capital, known for its abundant theme parks that allow for an escape from reality. The word "Orlando" is almost ...

Entertainment Tourism

Entertainment Tourism

1st Edition

By Jian Ming Luo, Chi Fung Lam
November 09, 2017

Entertainment tourism has recently become more popular. Entertainment attractions encourage tourists to travel around the world to have fun and are an important part of many gaming destinations. This book explores the tourist experience in entertainment destinations. It introduces and outlines the ...

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