1st Edition

Environmental Hydraulics, Two Volume Set Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Enviornmental Hydraulics, Athens, Greece, 23-25 June 2010

    1288 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Over the last two decades environmental hydraulics as an academic discipline has expanded considerably, caused by growing concerns over water environmental issues associated with pollution and water balance problems on regional and global scale. These issues require a thorough understanding of processes related to environmental flows and transport phenomena, and the development of new approaches for practical solutions.
    Environmental Hydraulics includes about 200 contributions from 35 countries presented at the 6th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics (Athens, Greece, 23-25 June 2010). They cover the state-of-the-art on a broad range of topics, including:

    • fundamentals aspects of environmental fluid mechanics
    • environmental hydraulics problems of inland, coastal and ground waters
    • interfacial processes; computational, experimental and field measurement techniques
    • ecological aspects, and
    • effects of global climate change.

    Environmental Hydraulics will be of interest to researchers, civil/environmental engineers, and professional engineers dealing with the design and operation of environmental hydraulic works such as wastewater treatment and disposal, river and marine constructions, and to academics and graduate students in related fields.

    VOLUME 1

    Invited keynote lectures

    Environmental Hydraulics and Sustainability: Some lessons from recent past
    H.J.S. Fernando

    Severn Barrage and other tidal energy options: Environmental hydraulics studies 
    R.A. Falconer, J. Xia & B. Lin

    A post-operation audit of the Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme 
    J.H.W. Lee, K.T.M.Wong, K.W. Choi & F. Arega

    Retrospective evaluation of an implemented computer-optimized groundwater-remediation design 
    G.F. Pinder & J.F. Guarnaccia

    Integrating hydraulic, hydrology and environmental economy models for the protection and sustainable use of transboundary water resources 
    J. Ganoulis & Ch. Skoulikaris

    Fundamentals of environmental fluid mechanics

    Theoretical, field and experimental study on internal wave dynamics in rotating stratified basins 
    H. Ulloa, C. Rozas, A. de la Fuente &Y. Niño

    The effects of topography on mixing rates in controlled exchange flows 
    G.O. Hughes, T. Prastowo, R.W. Griffiths & A.McC. Hogg

    Influence of interaction between submerged longitudinal vegetation zone on generation of large scale organized horizontal vortices 
    T. Tanaka & T. Ohmoto

    Mean flow structure and advection of instantaneous coherent-flow pattern around T-type and L-type groynes 
    A. Kadota & K. Suzuki

    Vertical transport in high Reynolds number stratified turbulent wakes 
    P.J. Diamessis

    Density and velocity fields of internal waves generated by oscillating bodies in a stratified environment 
    B.M. Marino & L.P. Thomas

    Shallow turbulent flow over regularly arrayed sphere roughness in an open channel 
    T. Ohmoto & T. Sukarno

    Momentum and mass exchanges in natural flows – Approaches to quantify non-uniformity at two spatial scales 
    C. Noß, I. Storchenegger, T. Salzmann & A. Dittrich

    Dynamic interaction of buoyant plumes 
    A.C.H. Lai & J.H.W. Lee

    Second-order integral model for plane turbulent buoyant jets in stratified environments 
    P.C. Yannopoulos & M.G. Markou

    Spreading of buoyant jets and fountains in a calm, linearly density-stratified fluid 
    P.N. Papanicolaou & G. Stamoulis

    Transitional behaviour of buoyant jets moving along three-dimensional paths 
    E. Scheepbouwer, M.J. Davidson & R.I. Nokes

    Mixing and dispersion by a pulsating jet in cross flow 
    R. Vernet, L. Thomas, D. Calluaud & L. David

    Super-critical and sub-critical starting jets in shallow waters 
    S. Karimpour Ghannadi, L.-W. Tan & V.H. Chu

    Flying-hot-film anemometry measurements of the effect of back-ground turbulence on a turbulent jet 
    B. Khorsandi, S. Gaskin & L. Mydlarski

    Particle-flow interaction in a horizontal sediment-laden jet 
    P. Liu & K.M. Lam

    PIV measurements of turbulence in an inertial particle plume in an unstratified ambient 
    D.B. Bryant & S.A. Socolofsky

    Simplified estimates of trajectory of inclined negatively buoyant jets 
    G.C. Christodoulou & I.G. Papakonstantis

    Boundary interactions of horizontal brine discharges 
    D. Shao & A.W.K. Law

    Buoyancy considerations for integrated discharges 
    M.J. Wood, C.T. Mead & B.R. Wild

    Modelling the front condition of rigid boundary gravity currents 
    R.I. Nokes, J.D. McBryde, M.J. Davidson & M.J. Allis

    Gravity-driven flows running over porous media with different lower boundary conditions 
    B.M. Marino & L.P. Thomas

    Effect of reservoir bed slope and density current discharge on water entrainment 
    S.M. Kashefipour, F. Kooti & M. Ghomeshi

    Entrainment by katabatic winds 
    J. Bühler, M. Princevac & A.J. Schleiss

    Environmental hydraulics of inland waters

    Simultaneous measurements of velocity and plant motion in open-channel flows with flexible vegetations 
    I. Nezu &T. Okamoto

    Resistance and turbulence structure in open-channel flows with flexible vegetations 
    T. Okamoto & I. Nezu

    Laboratory measurement and analysis of hydraulic parameters in vegetated river flows 
    J.Z. Shi, Y.-H. Li, J.M.R. Hughes & M. Zhao

    Effect of blockage factor on vegetated channel resistance 
    D. Souliotis & P. Prinos

    Flow characteristics in vegetated compound channels 
    X. Sun, K. Shiono & T.L. Huang

    Turbulence structure of compound open-channel flows with one-line emergent vegetation 
    M. Sanjou, I. Nezu, S. Suzuki & K. Itai

    Effects of depth variation of vegetation density on vertical mixing 
    S. Ghazvinizadeh & M. Jamali

    Bioengineering in front of a river dike: Wave attenuation by vegetation 
    R. de Oude, D.C.M. Augustijn, K.M. Wijnberg, F. Dekker, M.B. de Vries & T. Suzuki

    Long term prediction of vegetation expansion on gravel bed river with active bar migration 
    Y. Toda, T. Tsujimoto & M. Tsuchiya

    Parameters used in modeling sediment-laden flow in open channels 
    P. Wu & Y.C. Jin

    An integrated mathematical model for analysis of hydrodynamics and water quality in rivers 
    A.I. Stamou & E.M. Douka

    Two-dimensional finite element model for analysis of heat transport in rivers 
    I.W. Seo, H.J. Choi & C.G. Song

    Predicting travel time in natural streams, using a Monte Carlo simulation 
    S. Solís, I. Guymer & R. Dutton

    A modeling approach for organic sediment resuspension and oxygen demand in Bubbly Creek, Chicago, Illinois 
    D. Motta, M.H. Garcia & J.D. Abad

    Effective countermeasures to long-term turbid water effluence from the Hitotsuse Dam Reservoir 
    T. Murakami, H. Nakayama, S. Mizuguchi, S. Sugio & N. Ootawara

    Impact of river training on the hydraulics of Shenzhen River 
    S.N. Chan & J.H.W. Lee

    Numerical modeling of river bed evolution in abrupt hydraulic changes 
    E.D. Farsirotou, J.V. Soulis & P.G. Lokkas

    Influence of saline intrusion during the dry season in Red river and Thai Binh river systems, Vietnam 
    N.H. Duc, T. Shintani & M. Umeyama

    Standing waves in the Quequén Grande River Estuary, Argentina, detected from velocity measurements 
    L.P. Thomas, B.M. Marino & M.G. Pereyra

    Modeling the tidal bore on the Qiantang River, China: An application of FVCOM 
    D.F. Xie, C.H. Pan & X.G. Wu

    Analysis of flow regime changes due to operation of large reservoirs on the Zambezi River 
    J.P. Matos, T. Cohen, J.-L. Boillat, A.J. Schleiss & M.M. Portela

    On the experiences of flood control schemes application in the Golestan province (Iran) 
    A. Ghezelsofloo, A. Deiminiat, H. Shojaee & R. Lotfi

    Hydrologic and hydraulic computations for watercourse demarcation in Greece 
    E.I. Daniil, S.N. Michas & G.S. Aerakis

    A numerical study on characteristics of flood propagation in simplified urban areas 
    W.C. Jeong, Y.S. Cho & J.W. Lee

    Process oriented modeling of Lake Ontario hydrodynamics 
    L. Boegman & Y.R. Rao

    3-D simulations of flows in the reconstituted lake Karla, Thessaly, Greece 
    H. Neveskiotis, K. Tserdani, I.E. Sarris, T.E. Karakasidis & A. Liakopoulos

    Sensitivity of MITgcm to different model parameters in application to Cayuga Lake 
    A. Dorostkar, L. Boegman, P.J. Diamessis &A. Pollard

    Modeling the fate of oxygen artificially injected in the hypolimnion of a lake with multiple basins: Amisk Lake revisited 
    F. Rueda, V. Singleton, M. Stewart, J. Little & G. Lawrence

    Generation mechanism of typical vertical distributions of dissolved oxygen in the northern part of Lake Biwa 
    T. Hosoda & F. Malembeka

    River inflow mixing in a stratified reservoir 
    F. Rueda, A. Cortés, I. de Vicente, M.A. Escobar, A.B. Hoyer, W. Fleenor & E. Moreno

    1-D Hydrodynamic modeling of Greek lakes and reservoirs 
    S. Karalis & A. Chioni

    Surface water inflow to wetlands in Blanco River sub basin 
    E.A. Sánchez Camacho

    Hydrological characteristics of swamp communities, the Biebrza River (NE Poland) case study 
    T. Okruszko, J. Chormanski, D. Mirosław- Świątek & M. Gregorczyk

    Application of a mathematical model for nutrient pollution assessment in a small catchment of the Latrobe River Basin, Australia 
    Md. Jahangir Alam & D. Dutta

    Environmental hydraulics of coastal waters

    Numerical modeling of non-hydrostatic free-surface baroclinic flows induced by suspended particles 
    O. Nesterov

    Large-wave simulation of three-dimensional wave breaking over constant-slope beach 
    A.S. Dimakopoulos &A.A. Dimas

    Bed equilibrium during water wave propagation over ripples 
    G.A. Kolokythas & A.A. Dimas

    Near-bottom instabilities under fully nonlinear waves of depression 
    T. Stefanakis & P.J. Diamessis

    SPH numerical simulation of surf zone characteristics 
    C. Makris, Y. Krestenitis & C. Memos

    Velocity profiles of sea currents 
    F. De Serio & M. Mossa

    Oscillatory flow velocities through vegetation fields: Laboratory observations 
    M. Di Natale, M. Ciarmiello &A. Di Nardo

    Large scale experiments on spectral wave propagation over Posidonia oceanica seagrass 
    E. Manca, V. Stratigaki & P. Prinos

    Attractors for the entrance state of a tidal estuary 
    B.C. Wilson, J.B. Hinwood & E.J. McLean

    Response of an estuary to transient river flow variation 
    J.B. Hinwood & E.J. McLean

    Generation mechanism of wind-induced Langmuir circulation 
    M. Sanjou, I. Nezu & Y. Akiya

    Modeling the North Aegean circulation with the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model 
    Y. Androulidakis, Y. Krestenitis & V. Kourafalou

    Numerical modelling of hydrodynamics in the Southampton Water 
    Y. Guo & J. Zhang

    3D coupled modeling of hydrodynamics and water quality in the Berre Lagoon (France) 
    L. Martin, E. Gouze, E. Razafindrakoto, J.M. Hervouet, N. Durand & C.T. Pham

    A 2D water quality model for shallow estuaries. Sensitivity analysis to model parameters and input data 
    L. Cea, M. Bermúdez & J. Puertas

    Numerical simulation of the oxygen-depleted water formation near the head of the Ariake Bay, Japan in the summer of 2004 and 2005 
    M. Odagiri & M. Tanaka

    Water quality monitoring and modeling in Lagoon Jusan, Japan 
    M. Umeda, H. Tanaka, H. Higuchi & M. Sasaki

    Effect of large-scale flooding on water quality of Tokyo bay 
    Y. Nihei & K. Takioka

    Modeling the impact of watershed processes on coastal erosion 
    A.G. Samaras & C.G. Koutitas

    The importance of watershed sediment modeling to coastal morphology. A case study 
    C.G. Koutitas & A.G. Samaras

    Dynamics of particle clouds with application to open water sediment disposal 
    R.J. Gensheimer, R.-Q. Wang, E.E. Adams, C. Dai, D. Shao, B. Zhao, Z. Huang & A.W.K. Law

    Numerical investigation of fresh water-suspended sediment mixtures discharging into saline ambient water
    A. Georgoulas, P. Angelidis, N. Kotsovinos & T. Panagiotidis

    Study of a thermal brine discharge using a 3D model 
    J. García, C. Álvarez, A. García, J. Revilla & J. Juanes

    A SPH model for numerical simulation of oil spill in marine environment 
    M. Shafieefar & A. Valizadeh

    Oil Spill Modelling as a tool for coastal pollution control 
    N. Donia

    Environmental hydraulics framework of the design of discharges from desalination plants 
    T. Bleninger, A. Niepelt, G.H. Jirka†, S. Lattemann, A. Purnama, H.H. Al-Barwani & R.L. Doneker

    Methodology for the implementation of the WFD combined approach: Environmental Mixing Zones for outfall discharges into coastal waters 
    A. Freire, J. Juanes, J. Revilla, X. Guinda, A. García, C. Álvarez & K. Nikolov

    Parameter sensitivity analysis of the performance of Galician Submarine Outfalls: Physical modeling 
    I. Mera, J. Anta, A. Louro & E. Peña

    Improvement in preconditioning treatment system of Santos Submarine Outfall 
    E.L. Subtil, J.C. Mierzwa & J.P. Ortiz

    Coastal beach salinity prediction using data-driven and deterministic approaches 
    W. Thoe, H.C. Wong & J.H.W. Lee

    Laboratory measurements of hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the swash-zone 
    G.A. Kikkert, T. O’Donoghue & D. Pokrajac

    Berm breakwater against wave overtopping – An experimental study 
    E.N. Anastasaki, V.K. Tsoukala & C.I. Moutzouris

    Breakwaters’ impact on Egypt’s north coast equilibrium 
    G.H. Elsaeed

    Environmental impact assessment of dredging deep in the navigation channel of the Port of Santos 
    J.C.C. Amorim, K. Bundgaard & B. Elfrink

    VOLUME 2

    Environmental hydraulics of groundwater

    Estimation of seawater intrusion front in a coastal karstified system using a density-dependent flow approach 
    M.P. Papadopoulou, Z. Dokou, G.P. Karatzas, & C.I. Zahariadi

    Seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers under drought and transient conditions 
    G. Kopsiaftis & A. Mantoglou

    Stochastic simulation of seawater intrusion considering random rainfall events 
    V.C. Christelis & A. Mantoglou

    Design criteria for cut-off walls as countermeasure to saltwater intrusion 
    A.I. Ziogas &V.K. Kaleris

    A stochastic framework for the analysis of tidal effects in heterogeneous coastal aquifers 
    M.G. Trefry, D. McLaughlin, D.R. Lester, G. Metcalfe, C.D. Johnston &A. Ord

    Combined simulation-optimization of a coastal aquifer by using genetic algorithm 
    K. Demirbas, A.B. Altan Sakarya & H. Onder

    A computational model for the optimal management of coastal aquifers 
    S.K. Arvanitidou, C.G. Koutitas, K.L. Katsifarakis & G.H. Pechlivanidis

    Response of LNAPL fuel and groundwater to forcing by sea level and rainfall recharge 
    C.D. Johnston & M.G. Trefry

    Characteristics of flow in fractures: An experimental study 
    V.G. Tzelepis, J.N.E. Papaspyros, K. Moutsopoulos &V. Tsihrintzis

    Optimal management of a polluted fractured aquifer, using genetic algorithms 
    Y.N. Kontos, M.I. Katirtzidou, M.A. Kizeridou & K.L. Katsifarakis

    Quantification of artificial neural network uncertainty with bootstrap percentile intervals for the prediction of a karstic aquifer’s response 
    I.C. Trichakis, G.P. Karatzas & I.K. Nikolos

    Theoretical analysis and numerical simulations for unsteady stormwater storage into granular sub-base 
    B. Ghimire & T. Hosoda

    Modelling of groundwater flow and contaminant removal in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands 
    K. Liolios, K. Moutsopoulos, V. Tsihrintzis & C. Akratos

    Interfacial processes

    Effect of the slope of short fetch wind-driven waves on the oxygen transfer in a water body 
    A. Tamburrino & L. Rayo

    Energy transfer properties among mean, wave and turbulence components in open-channel flows with wind-induced water waves 
    M. Sanjou & I. Nezu

    Evaluation of a sea surface roughness model and drag coefficient
    I. Papadimitrakis & B. Carlsson

    Numerical modeling of dissolved oxygen recovery during aeration in lakes
    N. Jaćimović, M. Ivetić, T. Hosoda & H.-D. Park

    Bubble-water mass transfer from plunging jet spillways
    J.S. Gulliver & J. Groeneveld

    How biofilms influence seabed morphology 
    M. van Damme, R.R. Simons, M.J.F. Stive & B.C. van Prooijen

    Turbulence and chronic detachment of epilithic biofilm in artificial rough channel flow 
    M. Graba, F.Y. Moulin, O. Eiff, F. Garabétian, A. Kettab, S. Boulêtreau, J.M. Sanchez-Pérez & S. Sauvage

    Experimental and numerical analysis of sediment nutrient uptake in a channel flow 
    M. González-Sanchis, F.A. Comín, J. Murillo & P. García-Navarro

    Modelling of phosphorus adsorption in estuarine sediment 
    E. Al-Enezi, Y. Al-Osairi, B.N. Bockelmann-Evans & R.A. Falconer

    Quantifying hyporheic exchange coefficients using the EROSIMESS-system 
    I.D. Chandler, J.M. Pearson, I. Guymer & R. Van-Egmond

    Modelling the impulses causing entrainment of coarse grains by means of Extreme Value Theory 
    M. Valyrakis, P. Diplas & C.L. Dancey

    Wavelet based analysis of energetic events leading to entrainment of coarse grains 
    M. Valyrakis, P. Diplas & C.L. Dancey

    Sediment flux dynamics in turbulent unsteady open-channel flow over a gravel bed
    F. Bagherimiyab & U. Lemmin

    Experimental observations and simulation of non-equilibrium bedload transport of graded bed material 
    N.P. Efthymiou, F. Eberl & P. Rutschmann

    Effect of particle size on local scour of cohesive sediments
    M.H. Omid & H. Hamidifar

    An experimental study on the process of dune transition under unsteady water flow 
    Y. Hirai, S. Kawamura, Y. Shimizu & I. Kimura

    Local scour and development of sand wave around a permeable groyne of stone gabion 
    A. Kadota, K. Suzuki & T. Fushimi

    Bed topography of river bend due to horizontal footing 
    M. Shafai Bejestan & A. Rezania

    Hydraulic jump with sediment laden flow in a rectangular channel 
    M.H. Omid & M. Nasrabadi

    Field measurements and experimental techniques

    The effect of Reynolds number on junction flow dynamics 
    N. Apsilidis, P. Diplas, C.L. Dancey & F. Sotiropoulos

    A combined system of an H-ADCP and numerical simulation for continuous discharge monitoring 
    H. Iwamoto &Y. Nihei

    Development of automatic water discharge measurement system 
    A. Yorozuya, Y. Kanno, K. Fukami & K. Oodaira

    Boat and bed load motion effects on velocity profiles measured with an acoustic Doppler current profiler 
    J. Petrie, P. Diplas, S. Nam & M.S. Gutierrez

    Deriving continuous hydrodynamic data from non-synoptic measurements in the St. Lawrence fluvial estuary 
    P. Matte, Y. Secretan & J. Morin

    Correction of quick discharge measurements in rivers using natural tracers 
    P.C. Yannopoulos & E.S. Bekri

    Systems development for Mixing Zone field studies 
    R.L. Doneker

    Calibration of a propagation model in large river using satellite altimetry 
    G. Belaud, L. Cassan, J.C. Bader, N. Bercher &T. Feret

    On the use of Digital Surface Models and hydrological/hydraulic models for inundated area delineation 
    I. Leventi, I. Nalbantis &A. Georgopoulos

    Monitoring temperature changes in a hypersaline lake using MODIS-derived water temperatures (the case of Urmia Lake, Iran) 
    S. Sima & M. Tajrishy

    Monitoring lake hydraulics in West Macedonia using remote sensing techniques and hydrodynamic simulation 8
    E. Charou, E. Katsimpra, M. Stefouli & A. Chioni

    Annual sediment budget in the Shirakawa River estuary, Japan 
    K. Yokoyama, T. Suetsugi & S. Kawano

    Regression relationships between sediment yield and hydraulic and rainfall characteristics for two basins in northeastern Greece 
    A. Metallinos & V. Hrissanthou

    Flow pattern and sediment transport in the Kikuchi River mouth 
    T. Ohmoto, R. Hirakawa & K. Watanabe

    A study on flow distribution for maintaining two-way channel in an alluvial plain 
    T. Nagata, H. Yasuda & Y. Watanabe

    Field measurements of stream reaeration and longitudinal dispersion 
    J. Semuwemba, T. Elliot & P.A. Mackinnon

    Control of the water current and prevention of phytoplankton growth by using a vertical fence installed in a water supply reservoir 
    M. Niiyama, K. Yokoyama, A. Koizumi, K. Yamazaki, M. Tsuge, A. Masuko &Y. Kobayashi

    Comparison of ARIMA and transfer function (TF) models in water temperature simulation in dam – lake Thesaurus, eastern Macedonia, Greece 
    A. Sentas & Ar. Psilovikos

    Solute migration and transport in coastal sand-beach sediments under strong tides 
    O.D. Itugha, D. Chen & A.A. Ahmed

    Computational techniques

    High resolution 3D numerical modeling of turbulent flows in natural streams 
    S. Kang & F. Sotiropoulos

    Large eddy simulation of a flow in a real river with boulder bed 
    R. Shibata, N. Hisasue & A. Nakayama

    Calculation of secondary flow in a straight open channel with RANS and LES 
    H. Bihs, N.R.B. Olsen & T. Stoesser

    3D RANS computations of open channel flows with a sharp bend 
    I. Kimura, S. Takimoto, K. Blanckaert, Y. Shimizu & T. Hosoda

    Analysis of SIMPLE algorithm for depth averaged simulations 
    M. Moradi Larmaei & T.-F. Mahd

    A k– model accounting for multiple length scales in flow through aquatic vegetation 
    A.T. King

    Simulation of morphodynamics by particles techniques 
    M. Nabi

    Three-dimensional turbulent flow over bed dunes in open channel of finite width 
    K.A. Galani, N.Th. Fourniotis, A.C. Demetracopoulos & A. A. Dimas

    Improvements and application of 1D river network transient flow model with Junction Water Stage Iteration Method 
    Z.Y. Wang, Y. Chen, D.J. Zhu & Z. Liu

    Wet-and-dry interface on steep slopes simulations using Lagrangian blocks 
    L.-W. Tan & V.H. Chu

    Dam-break flood simulations using 2D Lagrangian blocks on Eulerian mesh method 
    L.-W. Tan & V.H. Chu

    A simple, efficient and accurate approach to solving the shallow-water equations over complex bed topography 
    D.J. Zhu & Y. Chen

    Examination of the effect of dispersion terms in the depth-averaged transport equation 
    Z. Liu, Z. Li & Y. Chen

    Spatial water quality modelling using unstructured cellular automata for spiked pollution loading in Hong Kong 
    Y. Lin &A.E. Mynett

    Near field mixing process of multi-port diffusers: Numerical modeling with quadtree grids 
    N.Q. Chien & S.K. Tan

    Urban hydrosystems

    Hydraulic implications of non-standard solutions in spatially constrained wastewater facilities 
    N. Ravlic & N. Krvavica

    Hydraulic efficiency of baffled disinfection contact tanks 
    Q. Xu & S.K. Venayagamoorthy

    Phosphorous release from gross pollutant traps in urban environments 
    J.E. Ball & J. Ara

    A water quality model for aeration of leachate from garbage dumped landfill 
    K. Michioku, T. Nakamichi, M. Yagi & N.Wada

    Physical model investigation of circular deaeration channel associated with tangential inlet dropstructure 
    T. Nakato

    Sediment removal efficiency of a deep vortex chamber sediment extractor 
    Q.-T. Nguyen & C.-D. Jan

    Optimization of a detention pond based on numerical flow and transport simulations 
    M. Omar, A. Jourieh, R. Hinkelmann, D. Balla, M. Barjenbruch & J. Steidl

    Evaluating the performance level of a water distribution network under unbalanced operating conditions – The case of Kos town (GR) 
    V. Kanakoudis & S. Tsitsifli

    Ecological aspects

    Flow structure and resulting sediment patterns around fish habitat structures in mountainous streams 
    A.N. Papanicolaou, A.G. Tsakiris & C.M. Kramer

    Developing sustainable environments for aquatic life: The effects of boulders on regulating sediment deposition in gravel-bed rivers 
    D.C. Dermisis & A.N. Papanicolaou

    Application of genetic algorithm to improve the fuzzy logic river habitat model 
    R. Li, Q. Chen, D. Chen & D. Chen

    Experimental and numerical evaluation of sixteen different designs of vertical slot fishways 
    M. Bermúdez, J. Puertas, L. Cea, L. Pena & L. Balairón

    Proper-orthogonal basis decomposition of spatio-temporal flow evolutions modified by cylinder in a vertical slot fishway
    D. Calluaud, R.W. Wang, G. Pineau & L. David

    Do ecological flows benefit exotic species? 
    I. Boavida, A.N. Pinheiro & R. Cortes

    A model of flushing-flows in open-channel for fixed algae removal 
    O. Fovet, G. Belaud, X. Litrico, S. Charpentier, P. Dollet, C. Bertrand & C. Hugodot

    Analysis of the environmental flow requirement incorporating the effective discharge concept 
    D. Zarris

    Optimization model of reservoir operation under ecological flow constraint: The case of cascade dams onYalongjiang River, China 
    D. Chen, Q. Chen, R. Li & D. Chen

    Types of artificial water bodies in the Aegean islands (Greece), their environmental impact and potential value for biodiversity 
    N.M. Georgiadis, K. Paragamian, T. Giannakakis, D. Poursanidis & G. Catsadorakis

    Environmental hydraulics and global climate change

    Climate change impacts on the hydrodynamic characteristics of the southern part of Aswan High Dam reservoir, Lake Nubia 
    M. Elshemy & G. Meon

    Influence of the urban heat island parameterization on precipitation forecasting in limited area model 
    A. Cantelli, P. Monti & G. Leuzzi

    Downscaling output of global climate models with application to aquifer thermal regimes in the Sendai plain, Japan 
    L.N. Gunawardhana & S. Kazama

    Potential climate change impacts on South African aquifers 
    S.R. Dennis & I. Dennis

    Mean sea-level rise impacts on coasts and sea harbours of São Paulo State, Brazil 
    E. Arasaki,W.C. Sousa Junior & P. Alfredini

    Drag coefficient and secondary motion of free falling cylindrical particles 
    A.C. Chow & E.E. Adams

    Modeling the impact of CO2 releases under water 
    P.D. Yapa, A.L. Dissanayake, K. Nakata & Y. Ishihara

    Analysis of the risk distribution of slope failure in Thailand by the use of GIS data 
    K. Ono, S. Kawagoe & S. Kazama


    Christodoulou, George C. ; Stamou, Anastasios I.