1st Edition

Epidemiology Of Diet And Cancer

    This volume investigates the links between the incidence of diet-related cancers and dietary patterns within Europe. It presents current understanding of the major cancers thought to be caused by diet alongside detailed data on regional variations in dietary composition, and collates these sets of information to illustrate associations between foods and nutrients and the risk of cancer at specific sites. There is particular discussion of the role of fat, meat, fibre, cereals and fresh vegetables. The importance of the "Mediterranean diet", and regional variance in this diet within Europe, is examined. Japanese and US dietary evidence is also considered. This book highlights the debate on cancer and diet, and points the way ahead for important new research.

    General Background of Diet and Cancer. Japanese Studies on Diet and Cancer. Diet and Cancer in the US. Epidemiology of Cancer in Europe. The Epidemiology of Cancer within the United Kingdom. Cancer Epidemiology in Italy. Patterns and Trends in Mortality from Selected Cancers in Mediterranean Counties. Diet in Europe. Dietary Patterns Within the United Kingdom. Diet in Italy. Mediterranean Diet and Cancer. Temporal Changes of Mediterranean Diet. Olive Oil and Cancer. Dietary Fat, Obesity and Cancer. Dietary Fibre and Human Cancer. Alcohol and Cancer in the Mediterranean. The Role of Vegetables and Fruit in Cancer Risk. Food Additives and Contaminants. Dietary Anti-carcinogens and Cancer. Nutritional Factors and Breast Cancer in a French Mediterranean Region. Diet and Colorectal Carcinogenesis.


    Hill, M.J.; Giacosa, A.; Caygill, Christine P.J.