1st Edition

Essential Creativity in the Classroom Inspiring Kids

By Kaye Thorne Copyright 2007
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    Essential Creativity in the Classroom is about giving all children the opportunity to fulfil their potential. It is about developing real partnerships between parents, teachers, businesses and the community, identifying best practice, finding teachers that are inspiring and schools that are committed to providing a special learning experience. This is a book to inspire, excite and stimulate creative approaches to learning.

    Without creativity, we have no real innovation; we need people who are capable of thinking crazy, out of the box thoughts; we need people who shake us out of complacency. This book covers in detail topics such as:

    • What do teachers need to do to help children make the most of their creativity?
    • How do children prefer to learn?
    • What can teachers do to stimulate children’s creativity?
    • building self-esteem, helping individuals to believe in themselves
    • supporting a young person in making creative career choices.

    Packed with proven practical advice this dip-in guide identifies the best ways of supporting pupils as they navigate their exciting journey through a world of learning and discovery.

    1. Daring to be Different - The Key to Creativity and Innovation  2. What’s It Really Like to Be Creative?  3. The Creativity Power House  4. Unlocking the Windows of the Mind - How to Create an Inspiring Learning Environment  5. Coaching Conversations  6. 'Rage to Learn' Supporting Gifted Children  7. Building Self-Esteem  9. Creativity and Employment  10. Fulfilling Your Creative Potential  11. Doing It Differently - How to Enrich Your Life  12. Sources of Support.  Contacts, Sources of Support and Sources of Inspiration.  Recommended Reading


    Kaye Thorne