1st Edition

Ethics and the Curriculum Critical perspectives

Edited By Mona Baker, Carol Maier Copyright 2011

    First Published in 2011. This special issue of The Interpreter and Translator Trainer provides a forum for reflection on questions of ethics in the context of translator and interpreter education. Covering a wide range of training contexts and types of translation and interpreting, contributors call for a radically altered view of the relationship between ethics and the translating and interpreting profession, a relationship in which ethical decisions can rarely, if ever, be made a priori but must be understood and taught as an integral and challenging element of one’s work

    Chapter 1 Ethics in Interpreter & Translator Training, Mona Baker, Carol Maier; Chapter 2 Relationships of Learning between Military Personnel and Interpreters in Situations of Violent Conflict, Rebecca Tipton; Chapter 3 From Training Skilled Conference Interpreters to Educating Reflective Citizens, Julie Boéri, Jesús de Manuel Jerez; Chapter 4 ‘Ethics-less’ Theories and ‘Ethical’ Practices, Georgios Floros; Chapter 5 Teaching Translation for Social Awareness in Toronto 1 This article first appeared in Julie Boéri and Carol Maier (eds) Compromiso Social y Traducción/Interpretación/Translation/Interpreting and Social Activism, Granada: ECOS, 121–133., Rosalind M. Gill, María Constanza Guzmán; Chapter 6 Ethics in the Teaching of Conference Interpreting, Clare Donovan; Chapter 7 Towards Empowerment, Kristiina Abdallah; Chapter 8 Context-based Ethical Reasoning in Interpreting, Robyn K. Dean, Robert Q. PollardJr.; Part 1 Features Section; Chapter 9 Bringing Ethics into Translator Training, Joanna Drugan, Chris Megone; Part 2 Book Reviews; Chapter 10 Éthique et politique du traduire (Ethics and Politics of Translation). Henri Meschonnic. Paris: Verdier, 2007. 185pp. ISBN 978-86432-516-1 (pbk). €15., James W. Underhill; Chapter 11 Derrida, Deconstruction and Education: Ethics of Pedagogy and Research. (First published as a special issue of Educational Philosophy and Theory, 2003.) Peter Pericles Trifonas and Michael A. Peters (eds). Malden, MA, Oxford & Victoria: Wiley-Blackwell, 2004. ix+119 pp. ISBN 978-1-4051-1953-5 (pbk). £19.99/€24.00., Kobus Marais; Chapter 12 Ética Profesional de Traductores e Intérpretes (Professional Ethics for Translators and Interpreters). Augusto Hortal. Bilbao: Desclée, 2007. 253 pp. ISBN 978-84-330-2127-4 (pbk). €19., Elisa Calvo Encinas; Chapter 13 Nietzsche, Ethics and Education: An Account of Difference (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice, vol. 8). Peter Fitzsimons. Rotterdam & Taipei: Sense Publishers, 2007. x+182 pp. ISBN 978-90-8790-046-5 (hbk), ISBN 978-90-8790-045-8 (pbk). $99/€90 (hbk), $49/€45 (pbk)., Esther Monzó; Chapter 14 Français-Créole Créole-Français: De la traduction. Éthique, Pratiques, Problèmes, Enjeux (French-Creole Creole-French: On Translation, Ethics, Practices, Problems, Issues). Jean-Pierre Arsaye. Paris: Editions l’Harmattan & Presses Universitaires Créoles, 2004. ISBN 2-7475-6939-X. €37.53. 7 This review is based on the PDF of the 500-page publication supplied by Editions l’Harmattan, rather than the book itself– a fact to be borne in mind when reading some of the comments that follow., Danielle Banyai; Chapter 15 Thesis Abstract;


    Mona Baker, Carol Maier