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The Focus titles in this series, linked to the unparalleled worldwide coverage of The Europa World Year Book and its associated regional surveys, Africa South of the Sahara, Central and South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia, The Far East and Australasia, The Middle East and North Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, South Asia, The USA and Canada and Western Europe, aim to offer students, postgraduates, academics, professionals and researchers up-to-date, balanced, authoritative and concise introductions to topics in the Europa core areas. These areas include: country-specific contemporary politics, economics, and regional and international affairs; region-specific topics (e.g. regional organizations and relations, migration, water, energy, security and governance); and subregional, regional and international organizations. Volumes in the Focus series, provided by experts, will in a concise format present a factual overview, giving readers the opportunity rapidly to research current issues in historical perspective.

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Southern Africa's Blue Economy Regional Cooperation for Sustained Development

Southern Africa's Blue Economy: Regional Cooperation for Sustained Development

1st Edition

By Donald L. Sparks
May 18, 2023

Southern Africa’s maritime interests are considerable: its oceans and ports are essential to the wealth of the region, are crucial for trade and are an important source of employment, food and energy. However, regional governments do not place sufficient attention on the Blue Economy and its ...

China’s Belt and Road Initiative at Ten Country Experiences in the Americas, Oceania and Asia

China’s Belt and Road Initiative at Ten: Country Experiences in the Americas, Oceania and Asia

1st Edition

By Robert Looney
November 23, 2022

This volume assesses China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as it approaches its tenth year in operation. The programme has gone through a difficult transition since its inception in 2013, with an environment developing in a way utterly unanticipated by Chinese decision-makers. Despite pragmatic ...

Economic Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa The Way Forward

Economic Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Way Forward

1st Edition

By Donald Sparks
October 28, 2022

Sub-Saharan Africa is vastly diverse, and the 49 countries of the region range significantly in terms of population, size and economic scale. The region also differs in topography, climate, history, culture, languages and political systems. Given this vast diversity, it is, accordingly, difficult ...

Italy’s Contemporary Politics

Italy’s Contemporary Politics

1st Edition

By James Newell
December 17, 2020

In early 2020 Italy was a country whose political parties stood as significant obstacles in the way of resolution of its social and economic problems. The purpose of this book is to help the reader to understand how Italian politics had reached this point. It does this by tracing the most ...

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