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Politics of Oil A Survey

Politics of Oil: A Survey

1st Edition

Bulent Gokay
February 04, 2019

This title presents key information on the oil industry world-wide, and will be of interest to anyone involved in or studying the politics of oil production, processing and selling. Oil has long been at the forefront of political agendas, and with increased tensions in the Middle East, there has ...

Politics of the Environment A Survey

Politics of the Environment: A Survey

1st Edition

Chukwumerije Okereke
August 21, 2015

The environment is increasingly seen at the forefront of many political agendas. Covering and analysing important topics, such as the Kyoto protocol and deforestation, this book provides extensive coverage of all aspects of environmental politics. This unbiased survey is of interest to students, ...

The Politics of Migration A Survey

The Politics of Migration: A Survey

1st Edition

Barbara Marshall
October 08, 2015

The Politics of Migration presents key information and analysis of this major topic, currently to be found at the forefront of world affairs. This unbiased survey is of interest to students, academics, business people and general researchers. The first section consists of essays written by a ...

Politics of Religion A Survey

Politics of Religion: A Survey

1st Edition

Jeffrey Haynes
September 12, 2014

This title explores some of the key issues which surround the politics of religion, an area which has historically been the cause of great controversy. Today religion is still the cause of a great deal of political debate, be it the teaching of the creationist theory in the United States or the ...

The Politics of Fair Trade A Survey

The Politics of Fair Trade: A Survey

1st Edition

Meera Warrier
September 12, 2014

Demands for a fairer system of trade to address the growing immiseration and poverty of large numbers of people, particularly in the developing world, found a new channel for expression trhough the Fair Trade movement, picking up momentum from about the mid-70s. The Politics of Fair Trade: A Survey...

The Politics of Gender A Survey

The Politics of Gender: A Survey

1st Edition

Yoke-Lian Lee
September 12, 2014

The Politics of Gender: A Survey offers information and analysis of this multidisciplinary topic from a variety of perspectives, giving a thorough overview. This unbiased survey is of interest to students, academics, business people and general researchers. Essay chapters written by experts in the...

The Politics of Narcotic Drugs A Survey

The Politics of Narcotic Drugs: A Survey

1st Edition

Julia Buxton
September 12, 2014

THE POLITICS OF NARCOTIC DRUGS: A Survey aims to explore the complexities of the drugs trade, and the political challenges and opportunities that exist for more effective approaches to the issues involved. The various sections of this volume provide the reader with an insight into the numerous ...

The Politics of Space A Survey

The Politics of Space: A Survey

1st Edition

Eligar Sadeh
September 12, 2014

The development and exploration of space are technical engineering and scientific pursuits. However, politics determine which space programmes and projects are pursued, and establish cost, performance and schedule parameters for these ends. The goal of this volume is to provide an overview of the ...

The Politics of Water A Survey

The Politics of Water: A Survey

1st Edition

Kai Wegerich, Jeroen Warner
September 12, 2014

This authoritative reference work gives timely information on the global politics of water. Readers will find case studies on a variety of complex water situations, from the Okavango River that flows through Angola, Namibia and Botswana, to the Euphrates-Tigris of the Upper Persian Gulf. With the ...

The Politics of the Olympics A Survey

The Politics of the Olympics: A Survey

1st Edition

Alan Bairner, Gyozo Molnar
September 12, 2014

The Politics of the Olympics: A Survey provides information on and analysis of the relationship between politics and the Olympic Games. It is argued and demonstrated throughout the book that sport and politics have been and are intimately connected and nowhere is this relationship more ...

The Politics of International Political Economy

The Politics of International Political Economy

1st Edition

Vassilis K. Fouskas
August 21, 2014

This timely book will explain, via a number of thematic and case studies, that international economics is not an independent terrain of economic activity reproducing itself throughout history, but a complex articulation of social, political and culturally determined actions that are ...

The Politics of Development A Survey

The Politics of Development: A Survey

1st Edition

Heloise Weber
August 05, 2014

The Politics of Development: A Survey provides an overview of the intrinsically political relations of development. It brings together essays written by experts in the politics of development and covers a range of significant and topical concerns: gender, race, indigenous development, social ...

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