1st Edition

The Politics of Space A Survey

Edited By Eligar Sadeh Copyright 2011
    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    The development and exploration of space are technical engineering and scientific pursuits. However, politics determine which space programmes and projects are pursued, and establish cost, performance and schedule parameters for these ends. The goal of this volume is to provide an overview of the politics of space with regard to national space efforts, and the role played by national and international organizations.

    The Politics of Space: A Survey includes essays written by experts in the field, which explore a variety of issues, including the Politics of Space, National Security Space, Developed Space Programmes, Moderate Space Powers, Commercial Space Actors, International Organizations in Civil Space Affairs, Non-governmental Space Organizations and Public Sector Actors. Following the essays a comprehensive glossary of cross-referenced entries focuses on space organizations, including national space agencies, governmental organizations with a role in space, intergovernmental organizations, space and aerospace companies, satellite communications service companies and non-governmental organizations.

    Illustrations and documentation, comprising figures, tables and documentation on key issues of space politics are also included. Important figures include: models of space political processes; issues related to national security space management, challenges and environment; geopolitics of space; the dynamics of relations between the government and commercial space sectors. Tables of significance highlight programmatic attributes of national security space, comparisons in the development of space programmes among states worldwide, and the functions and roles of international organizations that deal with space. Documentation covers texts of space policy and law related to the regime of international space law, European space programmes and a number of other organizations.

    Part 1: Essays  1. Introduction: The Politics of Space: A Survey Eligar Sadeh 2. Space Policy-Making Processes and Space Politics Eligar Sadeh  3. Developed Space Programs Laurence Nardon  4. Developing Space Programs John Sheldon 5. Space Policy- Making Actors and Space Politics Eligar Sadeh 6. Governmental Actors Roger Handberg 7. Military Space Actors Peter Hays  8. Nongovernmental Space Actors Roger Launius 9. Commercial Space Actors Molly Macauley 10. International Organizations and Space Henry Hertzfeld   Part 2: A-Z Glossary of Space Policy Actors  Part 3: Tables and Statistics: Table 1: Developed Space Programs  Table 2: Developing Space Programs Table  3: Governmental Space Actors (United States, China, Europe, India, Japan, and Russia)  Table 4: Military Space Actors, Doctrines, and Mission Areas (United States)  Table 5: Nongovernmental Organizations  Table 6: Commercial Companies Table 7: International Organizations.



    Eligar Sadeh