1st Edition

Europeanisation in Teacher Education A Comparative Case Study of Teacher Education Policies and Practices

By Vasileios Symeonidis Copyright 2021
    236 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    248 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book explores the phenomenon and process of Europeanisation in the field of teacher education. Drawing on comparative case studies in Austria, Greece and Hungary, it examines empirical data and analyses key themes around the continuum of teacher education, the development of teacher competence frameworks, and the support to teacher educators.

    The book is the first of its kind to systematically research the landscape of European teacher education, exploring the interactions between national and European influences in the trajectory of teacher education policy and practice. Chapters offer an original and in-depth understanding of European influences that draw on evidence from policy documents and interviews with relevant stakeholders. It argues that teacher education systems are being Europeanised, although at different speeds and directions for each country. Factors such as the socio-political and economic contexts, historical traits and policy actors’ preferences at both national and institutional levels determine the translation process.

    This book will be of great interest for academics, educational researchers, practitioners and policymakers in Europe and beyond, informing wider discussions about the emerging European context in teacher education, education policy and what it means to be a European teacher.

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    List of abbreviations

    Chapter 1 Introduction: Exploring Europeanisation in the trajectory of teacher education policies and practices

    The study of Europeanisation in teacher education

    Conceptualising Europeanisation: A useful explanatory concept?

    The impact of Europe on national education systems: Theorising policy change

    Teacher education as a policy ecosystem

    A comparative case study approach

    Structure of the book

    Chapter 2 The emerging European context of teacher education

    The development of EU policy cooperation in teacher education

    Three main trends in European teacher education: Implications for policy and practice

    Mapping the landscape of European teacher education: Mechanisms, processes and key agents of Europeanisation

    Chapter 3 Teacher education policy and practice in Austria

    The Austrian teacher education system in context: Setting the scene

    The Teacher Education New reform: Moving towards a unified teacher education system

    The resonance of the Austrian teacher education system with European developments


    Chapter 4 Teacher education policy and practice in Greece

    The Greek teacher education system in context: Setting the scene

    Reform efforts towards a "Certificate for Pedagogical and Teaching Competence": Developments between 1997 and 2017

    The resonance of the Greek teacher education system with European developments


    Chapter 5 Teacher education policy and practice in Hungary

    The Hungarian teacher education system in context: Setting the scene

    The implementation and revoking of the Bologna process: Developments between 2006 and 2015

    The resonance of the Hungarian teacher education system with European developments


    Chapter 6 Comparing teacher education policies and practices in context

    Comparison across scales: Policy change in the context of Europeanisation

    Comparison across systems: Convergences and divergences

    Comparison across time: The balancing act between national and European processes

    Policy implications and recommendations for future research


    Vasileios Symeonidis is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Education Research and Teacher Education, University of Graz, Austria.

    "Over the last three decades, the issue of Europeanisation has received a lot of attention in some, especially traditional, academic fields. This discussion has not totally bypassed the field of teacher education, but comparatively with some other areas it has been developed somewhat later and to a somewhat narrower extent. This monograph is an enrichment, an important and useful contribution to the understanding of Europeanisation in the specific field of teacher education."

    Prof. Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana, Head of the Centre for Education Policy Studies

    "The development of teacher education is usually based on national, cultural and political contexts: policy makers and teacher educators often develop teacher education in isolation and do not learn from experiences beyond their borders. This book, with its focus on Europeanisation in teacher education, will contribute to increased and shared knowledge about teacher education in Europe and beyond. The book is a result of extensive comparative study of teacher education in three countries giving voices to various actors. It offers a theoretical, conceptual and practical text that increases our understandings of transnational processes in teacher education on different levels, and can thus be a great support for all scholars and students who study teacher education."

    Dr Anja Swennen, Vrije University Amsterdam, Editor of the European Journal of Teacher Education

    "While there has been speculation about what a European system of teacher education will look like since the formation of the European Union, there has been scant research and documentation of how such a vision has been enacted across diverse countries. In this carefully researched and highly important book on the Europeanisation of teacher education, the author draws on detailed case studies of three European countries to illuminate the similarities, differences, challenges, and possibilities for the development of the European teacher. In doing so, he raises questions and offers insights that are important for countries around the world, including the United States, as scholars and educators work to transform the practice of teacher preparation. This timely book offers all of us a starting place for a global vision of teacher preparation that is informed by local policies and practices."

    Prof. Katherine Schultz, University of Colorado Boulder, Dean of the School of Education

    "Teacher education is often viewed as a key pivot to address the Global Goals on sustainable development. This pioneering book provides critical insights into a diversity of approaches to teacher education that seeks to increase inclusivity, expand knowledge parameters and ensure equitable educational outcomes. It is ambitious in its conceptualization of the possibilities of teacher education, yet deeply self-reflective in its approaches to policy directives. This book provides valuable insights for scholars in teacher education worldwide and will become a valuable resource to ensuring quality education for all."

    Prof. Irma Eloff, University of Pretoria, Chair: Global Network of Deans of Education