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Expanding Literacies in Education

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The Expanding Literacies in Education Series features books that highlight the changing landscape and explore new directions and theoretical tools in literacy studies as it is transforming education—including material, embodied, affective, and global emphases; digital and virtual worlds; and transcultural and cosmopolitan spaces. Some books in the series locate emerging literacies in practices that extend or trouble their historical uses and functions. Others cross disciplinary borders, bringing new epistemologies to bear on evolving practices that question the very foundations of literacy scholarship. Polemical and forward-looking, encompassing public and vernacular pedagogies as well as formal education, these books engage researchers, graduate students, and teacher educators with new and emerging theoretical approaches to literacy practices in all of their complexities, challenges, and possibilities.

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Literacies that Move and Matter Nexus Analysis for Contemporary Childhoods

Literacies that Move and Matter: Nexus Analysis for Contemporary Childhoods

1st Edition

Karen Wohlwend
July 15, 2020

Expanding the definition and use of literacies beyond verbal and written communication, this book examines contemporary literacies through action-focused analysis of bodies, places, and media. Nexus analysis examines how people enact and mobilize meanings that are largely unspoken. Wohlwend ...

Affect in Literacy Learning and Teaching Pedagogies, Politics and Coming to Know

Affect in Literacy Learning and Teaching: Pedagogies, Politics and Coming to Know

1st Edition

Kevin M. Leander, Christian Ehret
February 14, 2019

In this cutting-edge volume, scholars from around the world connect affect theory to the field of literacy studies and unpack the role and influence of this emerging area of scholarship on literacy education. Offering an introduction to affect theory and scholarship as it relates to literacy ...

Posthumanism and Literacy Education Knowing/Becoming/Doing Literacies

Posthumanism and Literacy Education: Knowing/Becoming/Doing Literacies

1st Edition

Candace R. Kuby, Karen Spector, Jaye Johnson Thiel
July 16, 2018

Covering key terms and concepts in the emerging field of posthumanism and literacy education, this volume investigates posthumanism, not as a lofty theory, but as a materialized way of knowing/becoming/doing the world. The contributors explore the ways that posthumanism helps educators better ...

Exploring Critical Digital Literacy Practices Everyday Video in a Dual Language Context

Exploring Critical Digital Literacy Practices: Everyday Video in a Dual Language Context

1st Edition

Jessica Zacher Pandya
July 16, 2018

In this book, Jessica Zacher Pandya examines the everyday videomaking practices of students in a dual language, under-resourced school in order to explore the ways children interrogate their worlds, the kinds of identities they craft, and the language and literacy learning practices that emerge ...

Community Literacies as Shared Resources for Transformation

Community Literacies as Shared Resources for Transformation

1st Edition

Joanne Larson, George H. Moses
December 05, 2017

Through multiple narratives reflecting the complexity of participatory action research partnerships for social justice, this book sheds light on the dialogic spaces that intentionally support community literacies and rhetorical practices for inquiry and change. Applying literacy as social practice,...

Reclaiming Powerful Literacies New Horizons for Critical Discourse Analysis

Reclaiming Powerful Literacies: New Horizons for Critical Discourse Analysis

1st Edition

Rebecca Rogers
October 25, 2017

Offering a unique, reflexive framework for Critical Discourse Analysis focused on discourses of hope, transformation, and liberation, this book showcases a variety of powerful literacies in action. Drawing from original research in a range of public, educational spaces across the lifespan—from ...

Literacy Lives in Transcultural Times

Literacy Lives in Transcultural Times

1st Edition

Rahat Zaidi, Jennifer Rowsell
July 06, 2017

Combining language research with digital, multimodal, and critical literacy, this book uniquely positions issues of transcultural spaces and cosmopolitan identities across an array of contexts. Studies of everyday diasporic practices across places, spaces, and people’s stories provide authentic ...

Literacy and Mobility Complexity, Uncertainty, and Agency at the Nexus of High School and College

Literacy and Mobility: Complexity, Uncertainty, and Agency at the Nexus of High School and College

1st Edition

Brice Nordquist
May 03, 2017

Pushing forward research on emerging literacies and theoretical orientations, this book follows students from different tracks of high school English in a "failing" U.S. public school through their first two years in universities, colleges, and jobs. Analytical and methodological tools from new ...

Reading Students' Lives Literacy Learning across Time

Reading Students' Lives: Literacy Learning across Time

1st Edition

Catherine Compton-Lilly
August 19, 2016

Reading Students’ Lives documents literacy practices across time as children move through school, with a focus on issues of schooling, identity construction, and how students and their parents make sense of students’ lives across time. The final book in a series of four that track a group of ...

Immigrant Children in Transcultural Spaces Language, Learning, and Love

Immigrant Children in Transcultural Spaces: Language, Learning, and Love

1st Edition

Marjorie Faulstich Orellana
October 19, 2015

Grounded in both theory and practice, with implications for both, this book is about children’s perspectives on the borders that society erects, and their actual, symbolic, ideational and metaphorical movement across those borders. Based on extensive ethnographic data on children of immigrants (...

Literacies, Learning, and the Body Putting Theory and Research into Pedagogical Practice

Literacies, Learning, and the Body: Putting Theory and Research into Pedagogical Practice

1st Edition

Grace Enriquez, Elisabeth Johnson, Stavroula Kontovourki, Christine A. Mallozzi
October 26, 2015

The essays, research studies, and pedagogical examples in this book provide a window into the embodied dimensions of literacy and a toolbox for interpreting, building on, and inquiring into the range of ways people communicate and express themselves as literate beings. The contributors investigate ...

Literacy, Place, and Pedagogies of Possibility

Literacy, Place, and Pedagogies of Possibility

1st Edition

Barbara Comber
August 10, 2015

How can teachers ensure a pedagogy of possibility underpinned by social justice, and what has literacy got to do with this? This book explores the positive synergies between critical literacy and place-conscious pedagogy. Through rich classroom research it introduces and demonstrates how a ...

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